lundi 14 juillet 2014

Video - Best 2014 Summer Teas!

Hi Everyone!

    Yes, Summer is finally here and the temperatures are rising for our pleasure ... and our needs! Despite all that, it's important not to forget to get drinking water - certainly - but teas as well. Sometimes, there's nothing more refreshing than a good cold, iced tea obviously without sugar, better and healthier!!

     If you already follow me on this Blog, each week you can have a glimpse of what to find at a David's Tea's store (or online) but to make it easier on this season, i prepared a quick and short video of all my current favorite teas.

    As always, you'll find underneath the video (which is available onto my Youtube channel:, each and every single one of them listed, linked to there personal blog post. When it's a Limited Edition, make sure to go on the website to make your order (don't forget to go at your favorite store as well!) and check out the Web Special page for the ones which are about to disappear ... sadly! You gonna find them at 40% to 70% off depending on which ones, so it's perfect to stock up!!


Favorite Teas:

    Because i'm just like you - curious - i would love to hear from you, what are your favorite Summer cold drinks.
     Thank you to follow me on this Blog and on my channel and if you don't wanna miss anything, please subscribe it's free and it'll make my day!!!

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