mercredi 16 juillet 2014

Review of the «Voluminous False Fiber Lashes» mascara from L'Oréal.

Hi Everyone,

    Time to talk again about mascaras my friends, and today we go visit one from the drugstore brands.

      One of the many from this brand - «Voluminous False Fiber Lashes» from L'Oréal. So, let's get straight to the point and see what can it do for our lashes:

  • using long, short and rayon fibers
  • longer, fuller, curled and sculpted lashes
  • no clumps or messy results
  • safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

What do i think about it?

     This mascara from L'Oréal exists in Blackest Black (in case black is not dark enough!!) / Black and Black Lacquer but it is offered in a regular and a waterproof formula. I tried the waterproof one.
    For the 1st application, i was disappointed because it's quite hard to separate them when the lashes start to stick together because of the formula, the fibers and the coats, giving at the end not a so nice effect. So no «vavavoum» effect that i love so much! Far from the dramatic and sexy lashes promised, it was impossible every time that i used this mascara not to have clumpy lashes to the point that i had no choice but to separate them with another special brush because it was too ugly for me to keep them this way and go out like that!! Yes you gonna have during the day few flakes and worst, even with this waterproof formula, some product will transfer onto your under eye area!
        The formula is wet, no doubt but it's not crazy full on fibers to the point that you can see them waving you hello from the brush.
     No volume for me, no curl either, actually i always had the feeling that the formula was too heavy for my lashes! You still might fall in love with this mascara and maybe this formula will react differently onto your lashes than mine?! Who knows?
     Sorry, but i don't remember the kind of brush it is in plastic or classic but it's a small and thin one, nothing disturbing. It is totally possible to apply this mascara and having no morse or dots on your eyelid, so it's a good point for a natural effect (meaning: no liner!),
     The formula seems to resist to a watery eye but i didn't try the pool so i can only assume that it will stay on. Can i take it off easily? YES with face oils but keep in mind that i had to work crazy to remove this mascara.

      So, what are my final thoughts about this mascara? I didn't like it, will i repurchase it ... NO even at CAD$9.99 (+ tax) at the drugstore, i know i can get better ones that will achieve way better result and give me this «vavavoum» effect for my lashes, because that's what i'm looking for. One thing that i love ... yes, there's something ... the packaging is gorgeous with this gold, shiny tube in a weird shape, nice job!

(P.S: As always, this is my personal opinion about this 
product which wasn't influenced by anyone. Keep in mind that the 
result will vary on everyone, so you'll have to try to see what 
it does for yourself!)

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