vendredi 18 juillet 2014

A Cup of David's Tea?! (part 24)

To all lovers of teas and herbals around the world ... but more in Canada and the United-States, i'm coming back with some new teas and herbals offered by the David's Tea (stores or online).
This is what i got at home.
     I'm gonna tell you what's inside the blends that i have and what i think about it. You'll decide if you wanna give it a try or not!!!
  • Root Beer Float: a Black tea with Cinnamon, white Chocolate, Sarsaparilla and Safflower petals. Couldn't explain more than the name itself does ... if you like root beer or if you only drink Dr Pepper ... this tea is your new best friend (won't be mine).  - Medium Caffeine.
  • Bravissimo: a mix of Licorice root, Chamomile, Rosehips, Orange peel, Peppermint and Goji berries. I've been told at store that this herbal is perfect to repare any sore throat ... fortunately, it's Summer for the next 18 months (here) so i'll come back and tell you if it does something, but i can tell you that i love the taste! The only thing you gonna catch when you smell it, is the chamomile but when the mixture is in your mouth, let me tell you that the licorice root is nicely bursting out ... i love it! - Caffeine Free.
  • Honey Bee: a mix of Red and Green Roobois with Honeybush, Green mate, Lemon myrtle, Lemon bits, Calendula petals and blue Cornflowers. First thing your nose will get from it, is a nice presence of honey and kind or weirdly chocolate?!? there isn't inside but that's what you smell. When you drink it, this blend becomes more subtle and delicate, i like it and i easily felt the stimulant side of it, don't worry, nothing crazy that makes you all jumpy but just more awake! Stimulant.
That's it for today.
     You'll have some more coming up soon!! In between, try to make some good to your body and dring a very good quality of teas.

Read Part.23 -here.
(Let me know if you've got something interesting for me to try!!)

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