jeudi 8 mai 2014

Review of «Super Supreme Body Butter» from Sephora Collection

Hi Everyone!

     Winter may has left the country - finally - but giving your body all the hydration needed, is still important. So, let's find out if this «Super Supreme Body Butter» from the Sephora Collection is worth it.

What is it supposed to do for your skin?

  • intensive long-lasting hydration
  • not greasy / quickly absorbed
  • natural butters: Sea+Mango+Illipe+Monoi from Tahiti
  • high concentration of HydroSenn+ (plant derived)

What do i think about it?

     This body butter has a creamy texture, with a clean and fresh smell but the consistency requires to use quite a lot of it to cover your body because it doesn't glide very well onto the surface of the skin. This been said, what about the hydration? Well, i must say that it's so so!! I know it's supposed to «form a protective barrier on the skin's surface in order to retain water for an optimal moisture», unfortunately i didn't feel that «intensive long-lasting hydration» which barely lasted half a day!
      You have two sizes offered by Sephora - 470ml/15.8oz or  90ml/3.2oz - which allows you to try this product, starting at CAD$10.00 and the full size at CAD$30.00, it's really not that bad. I just don't see myself spending that amount of money (even on the smallest jar) on something that won't last a long time. I had a sample size - 6ml/0.2oz - to make up my mind, and it was only enough for 1.5 time or if i didn't restrain a lot myself to cover all parts, it would have been for a single application. On the contrary of many other products, i think you are able to have quickly an opinion on a body cream (butter or lotion). 
      So, bottom lines, i liked that fresh and clean smell but wasn't a big fan of the texture of the product, having hard time covering all the surfaces of my body and using a lot. Will i be interesting at buying a fuller size? I don't think so. The price range is average for a Sephora item (talking about the store, not the brand) and i like the fact that you can pick a smaller jar at a very sweet price to try out or to offer to someone. 
     Like i said, it's not enough for my skin type, with some not so mild temperatures, my body needs more hydration to be happy. Obviously, pretty much like any other product for your skin, your body, your face and not forgetting any make-up item, results usually varies, that's why we are so different. It's a pass for me.

P.S: this review reflects my personal opinion, not influenced by anyone.
The result may be different for everyone.

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