vendredi 9 mai 2014

Get Inspired - Formula X nail polishes or else ... (part 8)

Hi Everyone!

     Do you need some inspiration to make your nails «smiling»? To be crazy beautiful? Well, don't go too far because i may just got what you need!

     For once, this time i cheated and instead of the usual FormulaX for Sephora on my nails, i decided to give a try with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish (but i couldn't resist and primer & finish coats are from FormulaX). Who wouldn't like a nail colour supposed to dry super quickly?!  Always tones of colors on the shelves ... so let's have a look at this choice.
      What about the longevity? AMAZING ... 8 days but i don't know yet if i have to thank the set of FormulaX or if i can get it with another brand too (frankly i didn't expect such a result!).

Today, this is a possibility for your nails ... enjoy!

Expresso 170  /  Insta-Dry from Sally Hansen

       So, when it claims to dry fast ... it does! My advice would be to apply one coat after another, one nail at a time. If you want the colour to be really bright, nice and beautiful, don't stop at the 1st coat ... be bold!!
      I was EXTREMELY surprised to see how fast it was completely dry, like hard dry!! CRAZY FAST !!! I frankly never see something like that ... the question now, will i get the same result with another colour from the Insta-Dry?!
       When it's time to remove everything, no problem, perfect!

See you for another round soon!!

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