mercredi 7 mai 2014

Review of the «Better Than Sex» mascara from Too Faced

Hi Everyone,

    Time to talk again about mascaras my friends, and today we go visit a new one from the high-end brands.

      Probably one of the most loved and bought new one from this brand - the «Better Than Sex» from Too Faced.
        So, let's get straight to the point and see what can it do for our lashes:
  • volumizing mascara
  • hourglass shaped brush to separate lashes
  • formula fueled with collagen
  • luscious, curled and dramatic lashes

What do i think about it?

     This talked about mascara from Too Faced exists in just in Black and it is offered in a regular formula fueled with collagen but without parabens. 

    After the promising first application, my hopes died quickly after! Doesn't start very positive all that but i couldn't escape clumps everytime, and unfortunately always flakes.  To get the lashes nicely separated (after the 1st application) was a real fight that i barely won!
     The formula is in the middle of dry and wet, allowing the clumping and making quite hard to get anything beautiful on both side. As you can see on the picture, couldn't get the same result, ever which desperated me every single time! Some kind of volume but no length and the final result is unsatisfying, considering so many women can get an amazing result just like false lashes will. So, no «vavavoum» effect for me but you still might fall in love with this famous new mascara just like half of the planet already did and maybe this formula will react differently for your lashes than mine?!
     Maybe the hourglass shaped of the brush was disturbing for me (but i don't think so, because i do quite well with the Flamed Out from Covergirl!), why not?! Be careful when you apply it or you may be ending up with some morse code engraved on your eyelid!
     The formula seems to stay put all day long on your lashes and resist a little bit to a watery eye but forget more because it's not a waterproof one. Can i take it off easily? YES with face oils no problem to remove this mascara.

      So, what are my final thoughts about this mascara? I didn't like it, will i repurchase it ... NO especially at CAD$30.00 (+ tax) at Sephora or anywhere else! As i already mentioned in previous mascara's reviews, i like the «vavavoum» effect for my lashes, that's what i'm looking for and i just can't get it from this mascara. Oh and i forgot ... is it really «Better Than Sex» ? Not for me! 

(P.S: As always, this is my personal opinion about this 
product which wasn't influenced by anyone. Keep in mind that the 
result will vary on everyone, so you'll have to try to see what 
it does for yourself!)

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