mardi 6 mai 2014

A Cup of David's Tea? (part 17)

To all lovers of teas and herbals around the world ... but more in Canada and the United-States, i'm coming back with some new teas and herbals offered by the David's Tea (stores or online).
This is what i got at home.
     I'm gonna tell you what's inside the blends that i have and what i think about it. You'll decide if you wanna give it a try or not!!!
  • Roobois de Provence: Roobois with Bluberries, Rosehips, Rose petals, Lavender, black Currant and red Currant. It's a light and nice tea which will remind you of Jessie's Tea (quite the same taste), so if you like it, you'll love it too! - Caffeine Free.
  • Big Apple: a mix of White tea (Mao Feng) and Green tea (Wu Lu and Guangxi) blend with Apples. It smells really really applely just like an apple pie but unfortunately, i pretty much hate the taste. Maybe you'll have more chance?!  - Medium Caffeine.
  • Coco-Lemon Thai: a White tea with a mix of Ginger, Coconut, Lemon myrtle, Lemongrass and Sunflowers. I'm about to be very redundant with the previous one (above) although it smells just like a lemon yogurt but i hate the taste of it. Maybe you'll have more chance?! ATTENTION - CONTAINS COCONUT - Low Caffeine.
That's it for today.
     You'll have some more coming up soon!! In between, try to make some good to your body and dring a very good quality of teas.

Read Part.16 -here.
(Let me know if you've got something interesting for me to try!!)

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