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Keanu Reeves - ActingBoardingPass/Fiche d'Acteur (part 2)

Here's the following of Keanu Reeves - ActingBoardingPass.
(clic here to read the 1st part)

Some of the really «bad-disgusting-hateful» characters:
Donnie Barksdale is an extremely violent man who'll be quite quickly falsely accused of the murder of a young woman in the bayous.
His character is the King's brother, a very evil-dark-despicable and vile man, who conspires by any possible way to hurt the King's and anyone else happyness.
Griffin is a meticulous serious killer who likes to play cat and mouse with an ex FBI Special Agent who's failed in capturing Griffin in the past.

The Performances:
     I really love the work that he did on these first two characters. Keanu Reeves can be who ever you want, name it! Inside these  movies, he embodied absolute despicable humans being. Hate, desrespect, pretentious and arrogant represent perfectly the characters (who are supposed to be like that!). Everything's coming from both characters will inspire only one word:  contempt. The look of his eyes is full of darkness and at some points, you can easily have chills, so forget the handsome actor, you do enjoy to see him being punished (or so!).

Some of the «nice but lost-hurt-liked» characters:
Paul Sutton
He's portraying a young man returning from war, and trying to get his old life of selling chocolate boxes back, but will end up by falling in love with a young woman and her very old-fashioned family.
Kevin Lomax - a young lawyer - is hired by one of the biggest firm in New York which appeared to be the devil's office.
  • «The Matrix» saga - 1999-2003 / Neo


A computer hacker, becoming a living prophecy who's supposed to set what's left of human race free with the help of other rebels.

Julian Mercer is a doctor who tries to make a Broadway Author fall in love with him despite the age difference and a rival.
John - and his two cohorts - lives pretty much on the fringe of the society, trying to figure out what he wanna do in life.

The Performances:
    Keanu Reeves evolves the most in this category, like a fish in the ocean. You will always see and feel somehow the pain or the sadness and disappointement of the characters.
     What i like about his work with John, you can clearly see at first the character in some kind of nothingness. He doesn't know what to do with his life, he's got issues with his family, he's lost and falling. The minute he carried the camera stolen, John lightens up from inside, he starts to live, you can feel the excitment of being behind the camera, it's cute and touching. The character inside the story may not be that interesting on a general view but Keanu certainly delivered the outcome! And that's what i remember from it.
     With Neo or Paul Sutton - two opposite story but - you can feel the goodness inside this characters, the loneliness, the difficulty of making things right whether it's a fight against family's traditions or a fight to death to give a chance to humans to get a better life. Keanu can express so easily those stages of feelings. Pay attention at the détails! At the beginning of «The Matrix», his face really express stupefaction, incredulity and don't forget that he actually did shot these scenes few times!

     Becoming a young doctor, still single, falling in love for an older woman and tasting the bite of the rejection at the end is interesting as well. Or being thisty for power, winning any cause, being the best and savor and revel in the fall of the losers ... starting to embrace the path of the Devil.

     What do we see on screen? Keanu Reeves trying to portraying a poor rejected doctor or an abusive husband?! No, we'll see right before our eyes the character, very much alive.     
     So it's impossible not to see the greatness in this actor because at the end, he delivered all the time what he was supposed to, according to a screenplay and a director, and that's the most important thing to keep in mind for an actor.
     He isn't afraid of changing his appearance if needed, doesn't care of being disliked by the audience or the critics and most of all, he doesn't care if a movie will not be a blockbuster.

     After a first documentary in 2012 on the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation  (Side by Side), he'll take the seat of director for Man of Tai Chi in 2013 which seems for his character to join once again the category of the «bad-disgusting-hateful» one. Can we expect Keanu going more often behind the camera in the future?! Time will tell ...

Something certain, Keanu Reeves has a passion for acting
and he didn't show us yet the whole range of his talents. 

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