mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Does anyone still believe in TRUE LOVE?!

Ah ... LOVE!
What more beautiful feeling can we get in life?!

     Everyone is looking for it - even those who cannot admit the truth and spit out on it - yes, absolutely everyone. But what kind of love are we talking about?
The cute, sweet little one?
The delicate, not too close one?
The give-me-a-hug-and-i'm-ok one?
The i-love-you-if-you've-got-some-money one? etc.
     There are many possible «love» out there but let's keep our focus today on the ONE, you know when you say/think/feel that it's the real one! TRUE LOVE.
Does it still exist? Oh yeah baby ... but it's kind of getting pretty much difficult or even impossible to catch it ... or some of us think so!!
     What inspired teens or people's general behaviour nowadays: movies and TV shows. They try or wish to copy somehow the  life of their favorite characters. Unfortunately in this world of illusion, real love is not welcome. It's constantly difficulties after difficulties, drama after drama ... i get it on screen and television, it might quickly become boring so it's necessary to spice it up a little bit but ...
     Ask anyone on the street what is their favorite love and/or romantic story in movies ... come on, ask!! People are raving and pouring out for «West Side Story», «The Note Book», «Moulin Rouge» from Baz Luhrmann, «Gone with the Wind», «Ghost», «Romeo + Juliet» from Baz Luhrmann, «Titanic», «A Walk to Remember», «P.S I Love You», «Out of Africa», «The English Patient», «The Bridge's of Madison County», «Cold Mountain» etc. What do they all have in common? They all end up badly for the lovers.
     Don't get me wrong, i like and even love a few of those named, because behind the sadness of losing your loved one is the hope for another one someday, or because the whole cast and costumes and songs make the movie magical (that's gonna be for «Moulin Rouge»!).
     On the other hand, i don't like that the studios spreading the message on a screen that «True Love» or «Soul Mate» doesn't exist or doesn't last, so forget about it. This is what you look for: separation, accident, death, family's traditions ... something will come up at some point and your soul mate will be gone forever!! So why wasting your time at catching smoke? why not grabing anything close enough from Love and from what a soul mate could be for you, and keep it?! It's better than nothing at all!!!!
     Is this the message they're sending to people and especially to the young ones, no wonder why it's so fucked up when it comes to love.
     Then people are gonna say that the sadness makes it so beautiful! I'm sorry ... what?! But since when it's beautiful and hopeful to watch two people falling in love and then being tragically separated?! Anyone who says so should seriously consider going on therapy! Is it too girly to think and want that there'll be a happy ending?! Absolutely not ... ! We need to watch some happiness on screen, some real love, true love, soul mate. Life is already hard and difficult as it is ....., do we have to stay in that same spirit?!
     You can say whatever you want but at the end of the day, we are influenced by what we watch. Don't you dare telling me that it's a good think to tell everyone that Real Love doesn't exist, or if it is, it won't last and worst, that Love should be painful, hurtful, that you should be heartbroken.
Are you crazy?!
     If this is what you think, you really need to go to rehab, i'm sure some kind of treatment exist for that kind of silliness. Why do people always gonna pick up first the drama ones as their favorite? Is it because they don't have any drama in their life ; how exciting it will be!?!
     Now, i might be the only one - once again!!! - on this planet being maybe too romantic but what do you think i wanna chose between Action movies where blood and death are everywhere, Horror movies where ... well it's almost the same thing but more gross, Drama movies where it's almost like watching the news or Romantic movies where love can't last without tears, death and god knows what more but no happy ending?!?!
     Of course, there's a difference between a love that doesn't last because people weren't meant to be together and being meant for each other but can't stay in such a happiness. Of course, we can find sometimes happy endings, thank god, but still, it's never gonna be people's favorite stories. Hum ...?
     Can i have something perhaps light or superficial (according to some of you) but something that will give me some hope in life, hope in the human race?! If people find their happiness in sadness and drama, maybe it's time to worry a little bit more, don't you think?!

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