jeudi 6 juin 2013

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

Hi everyone!

These are my colors

     After hearing so much about those eye pencils from Urban Decay, i decided to give it a try. I picked up few colors complementary to my eyes and tested them. This is what i think.
     Urban Decay offers us a huge range of colors - 39 to be exact - from the classics black and brown to some bright pink or green, and some undertones in between. So, it's difficult not to find your match!
     The 24/7 glide-on eye pencils are marked to be super long wearing (that's for the 24/7!!), stay on, don't smudge or go anywhere. The texture is creamy (that's for the glide-on!!), no need to be afraid to hurt your lid. Safe enough to be applied inside the waterlines.
 These are the colors that i bought:
(from the left to the right)
Mildew (a kaki)
Flipside (a teal)
(a navy blue ... which appears purple here!)
Bourbon (a Brown)
     There's a high pigmentation inside this eye pencil, it's definitely creamy and it stays on the lid (or skin) like a butterfly will stick on an iceberg! Once it's applied (and after a minute maybe) it won't go anywhere, that's true!
This is the positive aspect, unfortunately, here are the negative ones.
     Because it's so creamy, it glides too well meaning that it's easier for me with a harder lead (or a good mix a both world!). You constantly sharpen your eye pencils, so you go down more quickly with it and if i don't pay a close attention to the wood, i can hurt my eyeball in the process ... not so friendly!!!!
     I was never capable of doing a thin line on my eyelid because of the softness of the lead. I'm sorry to say that it doesn't stay very long inside the waterline (i don't like spending my time re-applying things, like i have nothing else to do!). 
Another big down side for me, it's the price: 26.00$CAD for a pen it's crazy too expensive, knowing that you can find other brands a bit cheaper (but Urban Decay is probably, with Sephora, the only one with such a choice of colors, i admit.)!
     So, bottom line for me, after finishing them, i won't buy it again (i already find better stuff ... i just hope i can find a good water resistant one in a kaki color, it's probably the one color that i can wear with any eye color make-up).
    It may be possible that you gonna have a different result on your eyelid and waterlines ... it's possible like anything else in the make-up world, but i heard the waterline is a problem for many others.
As always, now it's up to you!

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