vendredi 17 mai 2013

Star Trek and/or Star Wars ?!

Hi everyone!

     Let's put ourselves among the stars ... let's travel on board of the Enterprise in a galaxy far far far away ... ! Excellent, you realized that i mixed up the two big/huge franchises of the universe.
      No, i haven't decided to do a message about the two of them because the second film of the Star Trek franchise has just released ... no no no! The reason is a small article in a local newspaper. As soon as i saw the title (something like: « Star Trek vs Star Wars »), i already knew that it's gonna be a war and i was so right. There we are, reading a too long list of all the amazing things that Star Trek has to offer and not Star Wars. What a waste of words, lines and few minutes in the day of somebody ... what a shame!
I require the supreme right to enjoy some peace in this universe!
     What's the point of writting that kind of stuff (i'm talking about the article) if it's not - as a big fan of Star Trek - for proving and convincing that Star Trek is much better, much better and much better than Star Wars. Everybody knows how much different they are.
      As a huge fan of Star Wars, i'm not gonna try to convince anyone but i just wanna tell you why i love this franchise. For me, it's THE movie that helped me to develop my imagination when i was 11 years old (sometimes crazy, beyond any universe!) which brings me with this amazing talent for writting incredible stories. That's my emotional connection to this franchise.
     We all have a special connection, a bond with some movies or stories, and i'm positively sure the Star Trek's fans feel the same way for their own (not about the crazy imagination ... !!). Please, keep in mind that we can't like everything or please everyone.
That's why we're different! Why we have so many movies and stories to like, something for everyone. It's all about being different in Star Trek - isn't it right - so, it's a bit contradictory to reject the difference we can find in this universe or in a galaxy far far away!!
     I like the movies of Star Trek (yes, i know it's not the tv serie ... !) - ok, i just watched the first one, i liked it a lot and i'm sure the second must be amazing as well but my heart belongs to Star Wars! Guess what ? I'm not betraying anyone!!! Why always trying to disgrace the « dark side » to prove to be right ?!
     So, please stop declaring war when the universe is at peace and enjoy the difference, embrace it for God's sake!!  
Whatever you're watching and loving, have an amazing time, that's all what matters.

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