mardi 28 mai 2013

Review: Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil

Hi everyone!

Let's talk about cleansing the face from all the make-up of the day.
     A long time ago (actually, not so long ago ...!), i used a milk-cream make-up remover especially formulated for waterproof mascara etc. but my eyes started to get irritated, i had to rub too much to get clean lashes and i worried for my under eye area. Which, you know is a fragile place.
So, i decided to try something else and after some research, i bought the Supreme Cleansing Oil from Sephora.
     It's an oil (with pretty natural ingredients for what it seems) that you applied on your face and eyes, as a make-up remover. This one do wonders for waterproof mascara!!
     So, just like an auto wash, you start gently to rub the oil with your fingertips everywhere (on your face, obviously!). Then, you add a little bit of water and you do the big job on your eyes in order to say byebye to your two coats of waterproof mascara: you slide from the root of the lashes to the top, several times, don't forget to go in the opposite direction to get the bottom lashes as well.
     You'll have to water maybe 2-3 times your fingers and keep doing the same work on your lashes (if you want, you can make a tour on your face so it won't feel lonely!). If you look in a mirror during the whole time, don't panic, yes it's normal you'll look like a raccoon but a cute one!!
You'll see that the texture of the oil is getting more like a milk thanks to the water. You can touch now your lashes to make sure nothing stays on.
     You're ready to get rid of all that beautiful meltdown on your face. I just take a clean cotton pad in a larger size, washed it under some mild water, spin slightly the pad (not too much water left) and then take off everything of your face. No need to go crazy with the pad on your skin!
     I finish to clean with a face wash from Origins (checks and balances). Et voilà! You're beautiful «au natural». 
     I'm using this cleansing oil from Sephora for the last five months now and i'm pleased beyond anything possible (maybe too much joy here?!). It doesn't take much time to do the whole process, even if i don't use something to finish to clean completely my skin, i know there's nothing left (or so) - try for your self!
     I need just one or two pumps to do the face (depending on how much is getting out of the bottle). My lashes look more beautiful then ever before, they're soft and shiny (wouah, now it looks like an ad for some dog food or something like that!) ... kidding on the shiny side!
     I didn't have any reaction, it seems that i still have product left for few months and the bottle is not pricy at all, which is a good news.
     As long as everything keep going great and that i'm happy with the result, i don't intend to try another brand. Get rid of waterproof mascara is no longer a worry!

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