lundi 6 mai 2013

Review - Baléa Face TM / lip balm Bergamot

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to talk about the lips moisturizing.
Well, mine are unfortunately quite ... how can i say? dehydrated with maybe a hint of dryness. That's really not funny guys! For years and years, there was no lip balm efficient enough from the drugstore to relieve my lips. So, i did what no one is supposed to do ... ever! ... get rid of the dead skin all the time, all day long ... always. Yeah, i know, i'm not proud of it but having those dry dead patches of skin on the surface of my lips is, first, disgusting, and second, no lipstick or gloss or anything colorful and greasy could stay on and look nice. For a woman, that's a serious problem!! Actually for anyone!
So, i kind of forget this dream of having one day in my life some beautiful lips until the day i came in Canada and found my Holy Grail for the lips! The lip balm from the brand BALÉA Face TM (you can find it at Pharmaprix or Shoppers Drug Mart ... or maybe else where?) at the Bergamot scent (no tint and no scent actually) ... insane!!
I'm using it now for the last 6-7 years and the result is still outstanding! My lips are constantly hydrated, soft and nice. I usely put in the morning some on the lips, than a lipstick (or else) and i won't need any touch up until the end of the day (unless i eat like an ogre!!). So it gives you an idea of how amazing this product is.
It might happen that 2 or 3 times a year, for no reason (that i can find) no matter what, my lips will be a bit more dry. I will put on more often the lip balm during the day but, after max. a week, everything comes back to normal.
I must say that it's only a Holy Grail for me in Bergamot! I tried once in Aloe Vera, besides that it tastes atrociously repulsive and despicable on the lips, it didn't do the job. I know that there's a Wild Berries scent as well but i decided that i'll stick with what i got and love.
What i like about this product is the price, it's usely around 2.99$CAD the pack of two, and it lasts quite a while. That's mainly the reason why i never tried High End brands like the Nuxe lip balm so raved by everyone (and the fact that you have to put your finger into it, so more bacterias in the pot, thank you!).
So, if your lips look like mines, maybe you can try it and see for yourself. It might work or not but it's worth the try in the epic long quest of finding a super good hydrating lip balm.
Good luck my friends!
(Please note that this review reflects my very personal opinion,
no one pay me or did pay me to say anything.)

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