lundi 11 août 2014

Video - June/July Empties!

Hi Everyone!

     It can take forever to finish a product, especially a beauty make-up one, but when it's done ... what a pleasure to put it in the trash and say bye bye!
      Sometimes, you need to open your eyes and admit that you don't like an item or it's not working for you, so you have to let it go for good. All of these treasures are inside my trash this month, so watch what's make the cut and not!!

     Doing an empty video, is another way to do a review on products, a way to say what we liked or not and even hate an item, so you'll have a better idea on the long run if something may be interesting to have a look at it.

If you wanna know my thoughts on these products used up, go check out my video! As always, it's available on my Youtube channel -


Here are the links to the items that i liked:

- Baléa Face / Lip Balm Bergamot

    Thank you so much for watching this video and having some interest at looking at my trash ... again!! See you soon for another video.

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