mardi 29 juillet 2014

Get Inspired - Formula X nail polishes + else (part 12)

Hi Everyone!

     Do you need some inspiration to make your nails «smiling»? To be crazy beautiful? Well, don't go too far because i may just got what you need!

!!! WARNING !!!
The paragraph below may be somehow a repeat ... for my review on the products 
used this time, go under the last picture!

     I have on my nails a combination of FormulaX for Sephora effects metallic as well as primer & finish coat. Because the FormulaX is such a beautiful and tempting range of polishes and various effects that, for once, i couldn't resist and plunge head first. The best way to please yourself is to buy the Twenty-Two set which includes ... 22 colours and effects. Yes it's a mini size but frankly does it really matter? Nail polish bottles are hard to empty so maybe here, it will be different?!
What about the longevity for these ones? POOR ... 1 days!

Today, this is a variation and possibility for your nails ... enjoy!

From left to right:  Racy (metallic effect) 

     I'm still exploring the different possibilities with all of these exciting nail polishes out there and today, it's a very gorgeous and beautiful lilac metallic colour on my nails.

     Unfortunately, Racy applied a bit difficult, meaning you have to go fast for the 1st coat. Last winter i tried another one metallic and it was hell when i applied the 2nd one. It might be a problem with all the colours from this category ... too bad because they're really beautiful! I had to be careful because the drying process was a bit longer than in usual. As i mentioned above the picture, i did my nails at night and the very next morning (so, few hours later), i already had a chip nail. The next day, the polish started to peel off on few nails!! very surprising and very unpleasant!

     When it's time to remove everything, it work like a charm. So i can say that i may gonna give a last chance at the two last ones that i have from this range (i'll show you the picture on time) otherwise, i won't keep or buy any new one from the metallic. It's not always everything from a brand that gives amazing result!!

See you for another round soon!!

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