jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Get Inspired - Formula X nail polishes + else (part 11)

Hi Everyone!

     Do you need some inspiration to make your nails «smiling»? To be crazy beautiful? Well, don't go too far because i may just got what you need!

!!! WARNING !!!
The paragraph below may be somehow a repeat ... !

     I have on my nails a combination of FormulaX for Sephora with the primer & finish coat and a Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant colour. Because the FormulaX is such a beautiful and tempting range of polishes and various effects that, for once, i dedided no to use any and try something new for me. What about the longevity this time? POOR ... 3 days!

Today, this is a variation and possibility for your nails ... enjoy!

From left to right:  290 Constant Caribbean 

     First try from the Covergirl nail polishes collection and i have to say that i love this colour but i am much more disappointed by the lasting power.

     Constant Caribbean applied very easily, it's quite opac that's why i decided to go with only one coat on my nails ... maybe with two it will stay longer (i'll see in the future!?). With the finish coat from FormulaX, it still dry pretty quickly and shine superbly!

     When it's time to remove everything, it was crazy easy and fast!

See you for another round soon!!

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