lundi 16 juin 2014

Review of the «Pumped Up! Colossal Volum'Express» mascara from Maybelline NY

Hi Everyone,

    Time to talk again about mascaras my friends, and today we go visit one from the drugstore brands.
      One of the many ones from this brand - «Pumped Up!» Colossal Volum'Express waterproof from Maybelline NY.

        So, let's get straight to the point and see what can it do for our lashes:
  • super volume up to 12X
  • a plumping collagen formula
  • a double shot brush

What do i think about it?

     This mascara from Maybelline NY exists just in Black, in a regular and a waterproof formula as well. 
    I must admit that it's getting a bit difficult for me to fully appreciate a new mascara now that i found my TOP 3. But i tried several times to look at the result with an open mind ... not really working!
   With the brush, you have to be careful when applying the mascara from roots to the end because if you wanna get volume and a full length, you need to start at the root, right?! Well, difficult not to finish with some unpleasant black dots on the lid, and i'm not the kind of girl who's got nothing else to do but to go back and do touch up on my work, hoping that i won't mess it up!! The formula seems to be a little bit ... i don't know, wet and dry but for my lashes the result kind of clump them a little, especially if you wanna build it up to the top!! NOT GOOD.

  So, yes it's possible to keep working and adding coats but i didn't get more than the initial volume, you'll say that's good, maybe, but when you know you can get best of both worlds with another one for instance ... well, it's a bit disappointing!
     The formula stays put all day long on your lashes and resist a watery eye ... thank God because it's a waterproof formula even if i didn't go to the pool. Can i take it off easily? YES with face oils no problem to remove any mascara but you can feel under your fingertips that you just need to work a bit more than for a regular one.

      So, what are my final thoughts about this mascara? It's ok for the volume but no way that you can achieve their claims! Will i repurchase it ... NO even with its small price CAD$8.99 (+ tax) at any Drugstore, i found way better!! As i already mentioned in previous mascara's reviews, i like the «vavavoum» effect for my lashes, that's what i'm looking for but can't get with this new one from Maybelline NY. Can't win all the time. 

(P.S: As always, this is my personal opinion about this 
product which wasn't influenced by anyone. Keep in mind that the 
result will vary on everyone, so you'll have to try to see what 
it does for yourself!)

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