mercredi 18 juin 2014

Review of the «Huile Prodigieuse» from Nuxe

Hi Everyone!

     Giving some love to your body-face-hair matters as much as anything else! So, today let's see if this «Huile Prodigieuse» from the Nuxe can pamper you and leave the feeling that you're worth it.

What is it supposed to do for you?

  • multi-usage dry oil
  • 98.1% ingredients with natural origins 
  • blend of vitaminE+ precious plants oils
  • nourish, repair, soften face-body-hair

What do i think about it?

     Huge claims for this items and famous for many years!
This precious oil has liquidy texture, so be careful when you put some inside your palms before rubbing it onto your skin. It dries very fast, so you'll need a lot to pamper your body!! It glides quite well before drying, so you can cover a reasonable surface. The smell is light and i can't put my finger on what exactly it smells: floraly with something else, i don't know but it's pleasant.
     This been said, what about the softness or nourishment of the skin? With all those ingredients, i must say that my skin was definitely soft and i felt nourished more because of the body cream underneath ... because it's not a product meant for hydration and you feel it (if you have no moisturizing on). I know it's a multi-usage dry oil but i only used it on my body. My face is sensitive and i don't want to freak her out (beside, i already put some oils on my face!). About my hair ... to be honest, i completely forgot but there again, i already use one for my hair. 
      You can find this specific item at any pharmacies which carries this brand and it is usually offered in 50ml for CAD$26.00 (not sure of the price range) which places this product on an expensive side. I just don't see myself spending such an amount of money on something that i must apply on the top of a body moisturizer, just to search for nourishment and softness. I had a sample size - 4ml/0.13oz - and it was enough to use almost three times all over my body ... not so bad! 
      So, bottom lines, after the shower, between the body and the foot creams, i don't like spending few more minutes on a second step which can easily be providing at the first one. I love the idea of pampering yourself but you can do so with items that won't be so expensive just to say proudly that i'm using a luxurious item from France! It's me ... you may different, and it's ok. Will i be interesting at buying a full size? Sorry but no! Without any regrets, it's a pass for me.

P.S: this review reflects my personal opinion, not influenced by anyone.
The result may be different for everyone.

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