mercredi 11 juin 2014

A Cup of David's Tea? (part 21)

To all lovers of teas and herbals around the world ... but more in Canada and the United-States, i'm coming back with some new teas and herbals offered by the David's Tea (stores or online).
This is what i got at home.
     I'm gonna tell you what's inside the blends that i have and what i think about it. You'll decide if you wanna give it a try or not!!!
  • Orange Blossom: a Roobois with Orange peels, Orange blossoms, Currants, Vanilla pieces, Marigold blossoms and Safflower petals. It's nice and light when it's warm but cold ... it's a keeper to refresh yourself with a subtle lemony taste!  - Caffeine Free.
  • Watermelon Mint: a mix of Apples, Honeydew melon, Peppermint, Carrot, Watermelon, Beetroot and Wild Strawberry leaves. The mint is what you smell at first, then warm, you recognize the honeydew melon. It's pleasant warm but it's definitely a keeper cold for the summer! - Caffeine Free.
  • Queen of Tarts (Organic): a mix of Hibiscus, Marigold, Stevia, Guayusa (from Ecuador) and natural fruit and berry flavouring. I rephrase: 'it's a super-energizing burst', so if you need to stay awake, this is another option for you with a nice tart taste (when it's warm). Cold, it'll be even better because the sourish taste is gone!! Stimulant.
That's it for today.
     You'll have some more coming up soon!! In between, try to make some good to your body and dring a very good quality of teas.

Read Part.20 -here.
(Let me know if you've got something interesting for me to try!!)

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