jeudi 22 mai 2014

A Cup of David's Tea?! (part 19)

To all lovers of teas and herbals around the world ... but more in Canada and the United-States, i'm coming back with some new teas and herbals offered by the David's Tea (stores or online).
This is what i got at home.
     I'm gonna tell you what's inside the blends that i have and what i think about it. You'll decide if you wanna give it a try or not!!!
  • Earl Grey Roobois (organic): some organic Roobois and Cornflower petals with organic and natural bergamot and tangerine flavouring. If you like the taste of the Earl Grey tea, this blend is for you ... which is my case, i LOOOOVE it, and the smell of the bergamot is amazing!!!  - Caffeine Free.
  • The Earl's Garden: a Black Ceylon tea with Strawberries, blue Cornflowers, Calendula petals as well as natural and artificial Bergamot and Strawberry flavouring. It smells nicely the bergamot (which i love) plus something else and the taste is not bad! It's not exactly the earl grey but you definitely gonna need to add a bit of milk and sugar to get a better taste. Not a favorite ... may be yours?! - Medium Caffeine.
  • Sangria: a mix of Apples, Licorice root, Hibiscus, sweet Blackberry leaves, Orange, Strawberry and Raspberry. To be honest, it smells just like sangria, it is absolutely amazing!! and the taste as fantastic, plus it will parfume the room, they really did an incredible job with this herbal. So, you wanna drink a sangria with no alcool ... say hello to your new BFF!!! And for the summer time, cold, it will be just perfect, i love it!! Caffeine Free.
That's it for today.
     You'll have some more coming up soon!! In between, try to make some good to your body and dring a very good quality of teas.

Read Part.18 -here.
(Let me know if you've got something interesting for me to try!!)

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