lundi 28 avril 2014

Review of the «Diorshow» mascara from Dior

Hi Everyone,

     Time to talk again about mascaras my friends, it's been a while and let me tell you that i didn't waste my timefor the past two months.

     Today, i introduce you to a nice friend called «Diorshow» mascara from the really high-end brand Dior (which you can find for instance at Sephora). 
        So, let's get straight to the point and see what can it do for our lashes:

  • innovative super size brush
  • allows plush and glam lashes just like on runways
  • buildable formula for dramatic volume

What do i think about it?

     This «award-winning» mascara from Dior exists in 3 different colours - Rich Black / Royal Blue / Warm Brown - and it is offered in regular and waterproof formula. This been said, i had a sample size to try from the regular black one.

   For the first application, i can confirm that the formula somehow sets in the middle of dry and wet, allowing to build my lashes in length more than in volume for a final result of a nice and natural look ... if it's your goal, so you might fall in love with this famous mascara. Don't be afraid of this big brush, once you're used to it, it definitely helps catching every single lashes of your (just be careful to stay away from your lid)!
     I didn't experience any clumping problem nor flakiness issues and everything stays put all day long. This regular formula can resist a slight watery eye, especially on the lower lashes. Maybe that's why Dior offers a waterproof formula?! Can i take it off easily? Absolutely YES, but as i'm using face oils to remove my make-up, so there's no problem anyway.

      So, what are my thoughts about this mascara? I liked it, will i buy it in full size ... no. As i already mentioned in previous mascara's reviews, i like the «vavavoum» effect for my lashes, that's what i'm looking for and i just can't get it from the «Diorshow» mascara (even with several coats). The natural look but better, i do like it - even if it's not me - but at CAD$31.00 (+ tax), i know that i can find far less expensive at the drugstore for the same result.

(P.S: As always, this is my personal opinion about this 
product which wasn't influenced by anyone. Keep in mind that the 
result will vary on everyone, so you'll have to try to see what 
it does for yourself!)

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