mardi 26 novembre 2013

Get Inspired - FormulaX Nail Polishes+Effects (part 2)

Hi Everyone!

     Do you need some inspiration to make your nails «smiling»? To be crazy beautiful? Well, don't go too far because i may just got what you need!

!!! WARNING !!!
The paragraph below is a repeat ... for my review on the product go under the last picture.

     I have on my nails a combination of FormulaX for Sephora nail polishes + effects + primer & finish coat. Because the FormulaX is such a beautiful and tempting range of polishes and various effects that, for once, i couldn't resist and plunge head first. The best way to please yourself is to buy the Twenty-Two set which includes ... 22 colours and effects. Yes it's mini size but frankly does it really matter? Nail polish bottles are hard to empty so maybe here, it will be different?!
Now ... what about the longevity? AMAZING ... 8 days and still on!

Today, this is a variation and possibility for your nails ... enjoy!

From left to right:   Flashy (colour)   /   Vroom (chromes  effect) + Bionic (Xplosives topper)   /   Flashy (colour)
Vroom (chromes effect) + Wham (Xplosives topper)   /  Flashy (colour)

From left to right:  Vroom (chromes effect)  /  Flashy (colour) + Bionic (xplosives topper)   /  Vroom (chromes effect)
Flashy (colour) + Wham (xplosives topper)  /  Vroom (chromes effect

     I wanted to try the topper and the effect on both colours to see how it could look different, and i must say that i love the result!!
     The colour of Vroom (a Chrome effect) is sooo beautiful, i love it, but i have to say that the formula, when applied, was a little bit thick which didn't help to get a perfect application everytime. I hope it'll be better in the future or with any other Chrome effect polish.
It still does dry really fast, a bit faster than with the finish coat from Revlon (but i think you can use your favorite base and top coat with the polishes of FormulaX, it'll be as effective and beautiful!).     

     With the previous combination, i removed one hand with a Sally Hanson brand remover and the other hand with the FormulaX remover. No difference. You have to work a bit more to get rid of any effect such as the Xplosives or the Sparklers but i soon you get how to do it, it's really easy and takes not more than few more seconds!!

See you for another round soon!!

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