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Christmas Gifts Sets Ideas for her (part 7)

Hi Everyone!!

     It's time to go back on your make-up and specialy your cheeks (including Contour + Highlight).
     Today, i'm gonna give you some suggestions-ideas of sets or kits to buy or to make proudly yourself via your favorite Drugstores brands and Sephora's stores (and website).
     Once again, you gonna have to excuse me if you can't find some items where you live, some may be easier to find or may only be available in North America ... :( 

     Nevertheless, the idea of these Christmas suggestions gifts sets is to get inspired. You can obviously buy different brands and items ... it's up to you because most of the products here (or all of them) are my preferences or, they're favorites on Youtube (which usually means something!!).

Stop blablating, let's starting! This 7th Christmas Gift Idea is only for cheeks / cheek bones area. Other ideas will follow!
  • «Blush as you Want my Dear!» Sets (Sephora):
        - Urban Decay / Naked Flushed = in this sleek travel-ready compact, you'll find a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush - at an attractive price of 35.00$CAD.

      - Benefit Cosmetics / Gettin' Cheeky = a kit of 3 different tints for a nice glow to highlight the face, at just 20.00$CAD (instead of 34.00$CAD)

     - Nars / Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection One Night Stand this cheeks palette is a Limited Edition - offering you 4 different blushes (including the famous Orgasm) + 1 highlighter and the famous Laguna bronzer,  at a friendly price of 72.00$CAD (instead of 135.00$CAD)

    - Dior / Diorskin Shimmer Starapparently one of the best highlighter on the High-End shelves, you have the choice between 2 shades, with a price of 45.00$CAD

     - Too Faced / Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush = a trio-color blush packed into a super cute box, allowing you to use all at once or separately the nice colors, with a price of 37.00$CAD


     - Laura Mercier / Healthy Glow for face & cheeks crème colour palette = this travel friendly palette includes 1 bronzer + 2 blushes + 2 cheeks glow. Apparently, a very well used palette with a good quality for a price of 60.00$CAD.

  • «Blush as you Want my Dear!» Set (Drugstores):
      Create your very own personal set with some of the favorites and loved blushes and/or highlighter from the drugstores like:

      - Covergirl / Cheekers Blush =  (existing in a variety of shades) with a price tag usually between 6.99 and 8.99$CAD 

    - Milani / Baked Blush = (existing in few different shades) a very pigmented blush (including the famous Luminoso) with a price tag usually between 6.99 and 9.99$CAD.

  - Milani / Illuminating Face Powder = existing in 3 different shades, depending on your skintone, with a price tag usually between 7.99 and 9.99$CAD.

    - Wet'n Wild / Colour Icon Blusher =  (existing in few different shades) a very well pigmented blush  with a price tag usually between 3.99 and 5.99$CAD.

    - E.L.F / Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder = existing in 3 different shades for this duo, depending on your skintone, with a price tag usually between 2.99 and 4.99$CAD.
     - Physicians Formula / Shimmer Strips = a nice highlighter from the drugstore which allows you to be used on your eyes or as a shimmery bronzer as well, with a price tage between 12.99 and 15.99$CAD.

     So now, buy a super nice/cute/fun little bag (at any drugstore or even dollarstore) and put inside blushes - bronzer and/or highlighters. Add a little note using your lovely handwriting (much personal that way!) and write down for instance: «What a healthy glow!» or «Make your choice for a beautiful glow!» ... This gift will bring some warm to her heart or i don't know!!!

     If you wanna offer such set to someone, try to pay attention on what kind of tint does she use: matte or shimmery, in the pinks or the peachy side, highlight or no. That is, of course, for the Drugstore's Set. 

     With the Sephora's Set, it's definitely for spoiling a love one and of course, yourself. Yes, the budget is quite a bit higher but if you die to try something special or something rave online ... well, you'll find some love there too! 
     What i like about the Sephora sets, they allow you (or the person you love!!) to try something new, to have more than 1shade.

     To give some love all year long - for a birthday - or now, at Christmas ... it's easy. You don't have to worry about the budget if you can't go High-end, because some of the Drugstores brands can be quite a winner ... it's good to know!
Now, go spend some ... LOVE.

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