lundi 25 novembre 2013

Christmas Gifts Sets Ideas for her (part 6.1)

Hi Everyone!!

     After taking care of almost everything between feet / nails / eyes ... for your - or any loved one - it's time to bring something onto your lips: colors or light nude shades, glossy or shiny, matte ... formulas ... you have a bunch of choice. You could probably say: name it and you've got it!! 
     Today, i'm gonna give you some suggestions-ideas of sets or kits to buy or to make proudly yourself via your favorite Drugstores brands and Sephora's stores (and website).
Once again, you gonna have to excuse me if you can't find some items where you live, some may be easier to find or may only be available in North America ... :( 

     Nevertheless, the idea of these Christmas suggestions gifts sets is to get inspired. You can obviously buy different brands and items ... it's up to you (and the lucky loved one!!) because most of the products here (or all of them) are my preferences or, they're favorites on Youtube (which usually means something!!).
Stop blablating, let's starting! This 6th Christmas Gift Idea is all about lips. Other ideas will follow for the next days!

  • «Kiss Me!» Sets (Sephora):
        - Tarte / Pure Delights 8-piece LipSurgence Lip Set = this set offers 8 different shades - 4 matte and 4 tints - on a smaller size but still quite a good amount of product for a small price of 41.00$CAD (instead of 134.00$CAD).

      - Stilla / Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set = 3 trios of 3 different glaze, each trio features a gradient color story for 34.00$CAD (instead of 161.00$CAD). If you like having a glaze effect on your lips, and if you like click pens you'll be pleased but be aware that these glazes come with delicate flavors and scents!

     - Buxom / Serial Kisser  = 5 mini full-bodied lipsticks with some plumping effect for 40.00$CAD.

    - Laura Mercier / Luxe Stickgloss Collection = a set of 4 different shades for a price of 60.00$CAD.

     - Buxom / Dolly's Opening Act Set = 6 mini full-on lip polishes and creams from the brand, offering a good range of shades for a really nice price of 36.00$CAD (instead of 68.00$CAD), very reasonable.

   - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics / Lip Tar All-Star 12 mini Set  = this is the best one out there if you love playing with lip colors like a little scientist in his lab. You can mix and match some shades to get what you want or just use it as it is ... it's really up to you! Knowing that a small amount is enough every time, meaning this set will last FOREVER so the price is kind of really friendly for 69.00$CAD (including a small lip brush).

   - Clinique / Chubby Treats = 2 of the famous product of the brand, which will deliver a sheer tint and a moisturizing effect on your lips. A price reachable for everyone at 25.00$CAD.

Obviously, you gonna find more brands and more sets available. 
I just picked up the most famous and used ones but it's always up to you!!

Don't go too far, the Drugstores Christmas Gifts Set Idea for lips is right here!

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