lundi 25 novembre 2013

Christmas Gifts Sets Ideas for her (part 6.2)

After watching what Sephora can offer you (here), it's time for the drugstore.

  • «Kiss Me!» Sets (Drugstores):
   - the Maybelline NY / Color Whisper = by color sensational (existing in a variety of shades) this product will give you a sheer tint but the more you'll apply, the more color you gonna see on your lips! With a price tag usually between 6.99 and 9.99$CAD

    - the Maybelline NY / Baby Lips Balm =  (existing in few shades) if you just wanna hydrate your lips and add a little bit of sheer tint, this product if made for your (read my review - here). With a price tag usually around 3.99 and 5.99$CAD.

    - the Covergirl / LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm = (existing in a variety of shades) this balm offers a sheer tint and the more you gonna apply it, the more color you gonna get from it! With a price tag usually around 6.99$ and 8.99$CAD

    - the Covergirl / LipPerfection LipColour = (existing in a variety of shades) this is my FAVORITE lipstick EVER!!! You can't beat the pigmentation, the lasting power on the lips and most of all, the crazy hydration ... your lips stay always moisturizing! With a price tag usually around 6.99$ and 10.99$CAD

    - Rimmel London / the Apocalips Lip Lacquer = (existing in a variety of shades) with an amazing pigmentation and a good lacquer effect, this is a must have (read my review - here). With a price tag around 7.99 and 10.99$CAD.

    - Rimmel London / Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick from Kate Moss = (existing in a variety of shades) you're not gonna be sorry for this lipstick. With a price tag around 5.99 and 7.99$CAD.

    - Revlon / LipButter ColorBurst = (existing in a variety of shades) this famous sheer (sometimes not so much) lipstick offers a little shine into your shades, it's a must have! With a price tage around 5.99 and 9.99$CAD.

    -  Revlon / Lipstick ColorBurst = (existing in a variety of shades) this is one of the favorite lipstick out there. With a price tag around 5.99 and 8.99$CAD
A mention for the Revlon LipGloss Super Lustrous and the ColorBurst which are quite famous as well! 

     - L'Oréal Colour Caresse Shine Stain = (existing in a variety of shades) this is my FAVORITE gloss with a reallly good stain power (read my review - here) at a price around 8.99 and 10.99$CAD.

     So now, buy a super nice/cute/fun little bag (at any drugstore or even dollarstore) and put inside few items depending on what do you like or what the person you love is used to wear: lipstick - gloss - with some shine - with some stain power - sheer ... and if you wanna put the cherry on the icing, add inside a lip moisturizer - the Balea Face in Bergamote for  instance - because if you don't have nice and healthy lips, no lipstick or lipgloss will deliver!! Add a little note using your lovely handwriting (much personal that way!) and write down for instance: «Kiss Me Anytime you Want!» or «MEOW...!» ... This gift will bring some warm to her heart or i don't know!!! That is, of course, for the Drugstore's Set. 

     With the Sephora's Set, it's definitely to spoil a love one and of course, yourself. Yes, the budget is a bit higher but if you die to try something special or something rave on the planet ... well, you'll find some love there too! 

     To give some love all year long - for a birthday - or now, at Christmas ... it's easy. You don't have to worry about the budget if you can't go High-end, you'll find some amazing items with crazy pigmentation and staying power from the Drugstores, actually you can find your love only at the drugstores to tell you how much the brands improved the quality of some of their products ... it's good to know!
Now, go spend some ... LOVE.

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