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Christmas Gifts Sets Ideas for her (part 4)

Hi Everyone!!

     After brinking your inner beauty out thanks to some eyeshadows, let's take a break on the face make-up and why not taking care a little bit of your nails?!

     Today, i'm gonna give you some suggestions-ideas of sets or kits to buy or to make proudly yourself via your favorite Drugstores brands and Sephora's stores (and website).
Once again, you gonna have to excuse me if you can't find some items where you live, some may be easier to find or may only be available in North America ... :( 
     Nevertheless, the idea of these Christmas suggestions gifts sets is to get inspired. You can obviously buy different brands and items ... it's up to you because most of the products here (or all of them) are my preferences or, they're favorites on Youtube (which usually means something!!).

Stop blablating, let's starting! This 4th Christmas Gift Idea is only for nails. Other ideas will follow for the next days!
  • «Show me Your Nails!» Sets (Sephora):
        - Sephora / The Twenty-two FormulaX  = in this set, you'll find 22 different fantastic shades and effects from the new line Formula X, a fantastic one to try no matter what for the pigmentation, duration ... - a price of 66.00$CAD (instead of 124.00$CAD).

      - Sephora / FormulaX The System = a kit of 3 items to clean/prime and shine your nails plus you can choose a color or effect of you choice from the Formula X collection - the perfect way to try a new line and a polish, each on full size!! at just 39.00$CAD.

  • «Show me Your Nails!» Set (Drugstores):
      Create your very own personal sets with some of the favorites and loved nail polishes from the drugstore like:

      - the Revlon / Colorstay or Brilliant Strengh (existing in a variety of shades) with a price tag usually around 7.99 and 9.99$CAD 
    - the Sally Hanson / Xtreme Wear (existing in a variety of shades) with a price tag usually around 3.99 and 4.99$CAD

     - Covergirl / Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis or Nail Gloss (existing in a variety of shades) with a price tag usually around 3.99 and 4.99$CAD

    - the Maybelline NY / Color Show Nail Lacquer (existing in a variety of shades) with a price tag usually around 3.99 and 4.99$CAD

      - O.P.I / Nails Lacquer (existing in a gazilian shades pretty much all the time) with a price tag usually between 5.99 and 10.99$CAD.

     So now, buy a super nice/cute/fun little bag (at any drugstore or even dollarstore) and put inside several nail polishes in hot shades, plus if you wanna really pleased this special person (it still could be you!), add the primer and finish coat because that's gonna make all the difference on your nails (the Revlon's ones are pretty amazing!!). Add a little note using your lovely handwriting (much personal that way!) and write down for instance: «Beautiful from head to toe!» or «MEOW!» ... This gift will bring some warm to her heart or i don't know!!!

     If you wanna offer such set to someone, try to pay attention on the kind of nails colors does she use to wear: some neutrals, translucide, bold, effects ...  Most young women are wearing colors and all and every kind of special effect close to the Art Nail! If this person mentions the kind of items she's using and that she expresses her love for the item and/or brand, well it's gonna be easy for you.

Now, you can be even more sweet and include inside the bag (well, a bigger bag now!) a nail polish remover and some coton balls, and let's be crazy, add a set of nail files too. That my friend, will bring you a huge hug!! That is, of course, for the Drugstore's Set. 
     With the Sephora's Set, it's definitely for spoiling a love one and of course, yourself. Yes, the budget is quite a bit higher but if you die to try something special or if you only wear high-end nail polishes ... well, you'll find some love there too! 

     To give some love all year long - for a birthday - or now, at Christmas ... it's easy. You don't have to worry about the budget if you can't go High-end, especially with nail polishes because some of the Drugstores can be quite a winner ... it's good to know!
Now, go spend some ... LOVE.

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