mercredi 13 novembre 2013

Back on board online!

Hi Everyone!

     It's been such a long time for me ... a quite long silence these past days, not that it's a first, but this time around i was at the mercy of the evil technology of my computer.
     Who like being stopped on what you use to do on your computer because of a possible malware or other bug forcing apparently easily your antivirus - and everytime you gonna wonder why the hell do you have one of the best out there if it's not for preventing that kind of thing ?!?! And i'm not even talking about anything that might happened with Google / Blogger / Internet Explorer related or not ... which will never say specifically tell you what's going on and most of all, what do you have to do to solve the problem. No, that will be too easy, you have to sweat your shirt off before any positive result's coming ... what a shame!

     Do you remember that time, apparently few decades ago, when you could just contact someone (by a simple clic on «contact») - indicating your problem and that mysterious person behind the screen of your computer sent you an answer ... yeah, someone responding to you!!! wouah ... it seems coming from few centuries ago but the truth of the matter is, it's not!

     And yes, i'm aware that nowadays, these companies have to deal with millions of us but guess what?... they still have to deal with human beings, made of flesh and bones, sometimes nice and unfortunately sometimes not, but with the same need: to find an answer to their problem! because they're not experts in this area.
     Now, i know that the new generations are familiar with new technologies as much as a lion is in savannah, but ... hello, not all generations are and not everyone inside. 

     Why am i trying to explain this ... i already did a post few month ago more or less on the same subject - here - it's just unfortunate that time pass but the improvement is not following!!

     So, this being said, hopefully bugs and cie. will stay away from me so i can do some work and have this obvious false idea that i'm an expert when i'm using Google and cie!

Thanks for understanding the despair. :)  

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