dimanche 14 juillet 2013

«Consume as i say!»

Let's talk a little bit about cell phones.
     I'm pretty sure at least half of the planet Earth, is using an iPhone and the other half is sharing the smartphones and android range.
Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against the Apple one - i can hear already the fans of the fruit screaming and fulminating ... calm down, take a deep breath ... deeper, that's better! So, i was saying that pretty much nowadays, on Earth, all cell phones are smart. The difference lies in between a single parent which having a lot of little apples babies, and the other ones from various companies/ parents, and of course one of them has got a bigger budget!
     I'm not here, today, trying to say which one is better ... there's one for everyone of us, that's why we have the choice.
     I'd rather stay focus on what i can get in stores - and elsewhere - to give to my sweet little Android. To put him some clothes or earrings .... Like the famous Barbie, once you've got the doll, you have to get her dress, give her a house, a car, a man etc... Same thing with a smartphone.
     So why not talk about the case for instance! Oh what a perfect exemple. So many colorful cases, funny ones ... oh but, wait a minute ... that's only true if you've got an iPhone because if your sweet little baby is from a company what will you find?! Crap stuff ... you have the choice between pink polka-dots, plain or the «Hello Kitty» ones ... ! wouah ... that's so much stuff ... so hard to make a decision!!!! Hum ... let me think.
     If the password is Apple, it's Alibaba's time baby. You can always find anywhere some iPhone's cases, anywhere, even at some random gas station. But if not, then it's Mars! I'm sure you'll be much more lucky to find some aliens at the grocery store.
     Now, some will say: «Then, sh&%$ up and go buy yourself a little apple so you'll find your happyness!».
The thing is, like the other half of the planet, i like my android (i even went on vacation with him!!), i don't wanna change for a fruity one. The problem lies in the lack of choice. We are submerged by the fruit, everywhere, that way, if you wanna something fun and different, you have to go with an iPhone.
     I refuse to live according to some others desire. We - as a consumer society - have the supreme right to decide (to choose) what to eat, read, drink, watch, wear and think. If i wanna buy a specific item and i wanna give him gifts, i should be able to find whatever i want, at least, almost anywhere i want.
     When it's been said that we do have the choice to buy, somehow it's true, but it's only smoke. You think you can do whatever you want but you can't.
     Look, with a simple item - a case for an android - (because everyone has one now) you don't own the last word. You're influenced, controlled, pushed into one direction:
«You're free to do as you wish, as long as you do what i say!»
     This thought is going kind of far now ... i just wanted to mentioned, friendly, that would be very nice to consider the other half of the planet and give them the same choice or products. I wanna buy an amazing and original case but i refuse to pick one «Hello Kitty», i'm not a teen. I seriously prefer finding a «Minion» case inspired by Despicable Me (the animated), that would be so much fun.
Is that too much to ask?!

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