mercredi 15 mai 2013

Review - L'Oréal Colour Caresse Shine StainMC

Hi everyone!
Let's talk about beauty today, especially lips.
I'm sure everybody heard about the L'Oréal Colour Caresse Shine StainMC ... ouah, that's a pretty long name!
     What is it exactly ? A lip gloss - lip shine - lip stain and, according to the rumors on the web, this product seems to be a dupe for the Gloss Lip Stain Rouge Pur Couture from Yves Saint Laurent, something amazing for the pigmentation and the stain power. After a while, L'Oréal is offering us the exact same product but thank god, not the same price!
     It claims to be non sticky,  to stay on for 6hrs like a stain, with a lacquer finish. 
Well, it never hurts to try new things and despite some dehydrated and dry lips (i really can't wear efficiently a lot product on my lips), i decided to buy some.
As far as i know, we can find 12 different shades.
Colors from left to right:
Endless Red 190 
Lilac Ever After - 185 
Eternally Nude - 193 
Lolita - 101 (bought in England) 
Pink Resistance - 183

This is the result on my lips for each and every single one them.

Endless Red
Pink Resistance


Lilac Ever After


Eternally Nude

      Obviously, before applying the gloss, i put on my Baléa Lip Baulm in Bergamote - for hydration, then i apply two coats of the lip gloss.
The result is completely surprising and satisfying: the lacquer effect lasts a while, it's not sticky, the stain power in real ... maybe not for 6hrs and maybe a tiny bit for the pinky-plummy colors.

     I can't wear any bold color on my lips at work, that's why i wanted lighter colors and i found  Pink Resistance / Lilac Ever After. Lolita is more pigmented but yet, not too much ... maybe because all of these three colors are somehow close to the natural colour of my lips. Eternally Nude is beautiful but not a nude like ... your concealer, so if you want some boldness, Endless Red is perfect! Amazing if i may say.
For each of them, you can drink safely, no color's transfer ... outstanding for the red one.

     I assume that all the bold colors - like Endless Red - have this surprising stain power, only the lighter ones will be ... well, let's just say that the lips won't be the focal point, so i guess i can say more natural - nude colors.

     Bottom line, this lip gloss - stain is a real surprised! I especially like to see that my lips stay hydrated and coloured.
Nice and beautiful colors, pigmentation, stain power, slightly wet effect, not sticky and keep moisture of the lips ... i can't ask for more!
I'm sold.

It's up to you to give it a try and let me know your thoughts about it.

 (P.S: this review reflects my personal opinion ; i
bought the products with my own money.) 

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