mercredi 22 mai 2013

«Easy to use» ... really?!?!

Hi everyone!

     Because my blog is new and i'm new at doing blogs, i searched for some informations on Blogger, on how to improve visibility and stuff like that. Well, i must say that it helped me to find the subject of the day (so it's not all bad!).
What i'm about to say, doesn't only concern Blogger but unfortunately
everything related to the web and computers world ... or should i say universe ?!
     Let's be clear: i'm not a webmaster, don't have any kind of degree in computer or web-design (or i don't know what else in this category), don't have a magical button to push and a web-genious will appear to help me (well, that would be awesome, i want one!) ... i'm like everybody else, meaning the opposite of being a webmaster!!
So, everytime that i wanna do or create something on the web, using a supposedly easy/friendly software or else, my first instinct is to laugh ... and then to realize that it's gonna take me at least 6hr to get it gone, instead of the 30 minutes promised!!!!
Oh yes!!! I know that you can absolutely understand what i mean, you have already experienced that desperate feeling. You're not alone!
     Do you remember, few years ago, advertisings about « intelligent and smart computers » (frankly the brand doesn't matter!!) on television? Well ... i still think it needs more work in this area and softwares are not spared because the day when, doing or creating something on the web will take us 2 minutes thanks to a REAL intelligent and smart computer or software is not here yet!!
     I know a lot of you (on a planet range!) will disagree and say that it's easy to use.
Never forget, my friends, that we're all specific, we all have special abilities for different things. If you believe that your real parents somehow are computers/softwares/hardwares/web things .... good for you! Sincerely, but we are coming from different knowledge backgrounds (if i can say that this way).
What is freaking easy for me, may be hardly understandable for you, and vice-versa. So, be nice when the majority of the population doesn't eat these technologies terms all day long.
Back to our subject.
Things are easier for me if i can see or watch the explanation of what to do to get the specific result that i want. I can read but my brain can't decode what's the meaning of the answers from the different help centers. After hours of reading pages and pages ... and pages of stuff, i'm not quite sure of what to do. And i still don't know if, and how can i do the thing that i want on my blog (the visibility ok but there's something else). I clearly didn't make any progress!!
     See, the problem nowadays, is that everything is automatically recorded (somehow i can understand). What i want, is telling specifically what i wanna do or get at the end, a search engine and after some micro-seconds (this isn't such an impossible dream!)  i'll have answers, mostly with pictures or videos to explain. And no ... it's not too much to ask!!!
     Usely at the end of those intensive research (for not much at the end), i end up with a good headache. Thank you.
     This is MY definition of « intelligent and smart » in the web-computer universe ... but i know that i'm not living on the same planet so maybe that's the reason why i don't get it?!?!

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