mardi 3 juin 2014

Review of the «Ultra Rich Body Cream in Shea Butter» from L'Occitane

Hi Everyone!

     Moisturizing your body to keep your skin happy is an every day job, finding a product that will deliver thy hydration can be difficult. Let's see today if this «Ultra Rich Body Cream in Shea Butter» from the L'Occitane can do the job.

What is it supposed to do for your skin?

  • created for dry to very dry skin
  • concentrated with 25% of Shea butter
  • 24hr hydration from Apricot oil
  • not greasy / quickly absorbed
  • helps to restore the hydrolipidic film
  • moisturizing extracts of Linseed+Marshmallow+Sweet Almond+Honey

What do i think about it?

     Huge claims for this items ...!
This body cream has a very very thick texture, which is not helpful first to apply onto the skin because it dries for fast, it's crazy, you barely have time to cover some skin and a huge amount of it is required to do the whole body!! So, we're far from any gliding. The smell is exactly the one frome the shea butter, so if you don't like it ... it won't be your new best friend.
     This been said, what about the hydration? With all those ingredients, it should be close to heaven?! Well, i must say that it was moisturized but didn't last an entire day. I know it's supposed to help dry to very dry skins ... frankly, i doubt it! On winter time, you'll still have your crocodile skin.
      You have one size offered at Sephora - 200ml/7oz -  at CAD$48.00  which places this product on an expensive side (same thing on the website of the brand - L'Occitane). I just don't see myself spending such an amount of money on something that won't last longer and requires so much product. I had a sample size - 8ml/0.27oz - and one shot to make up my mind. It wasn't enough to cover my whole body! 
      So, bottom lines, i'm not a big fan of the shea butter smell, was absorbed crazy too fast and you probably going to used up the whole jar in no time! Not sure it's worth that much money. I'm sure i can find something out there with a bigger moisturizing effect and a really nice smell but for a much reasonable price! Obviously, pretty much like any other product for your body, your face and not forgetting any make-up item, results usually varies, that's why we are so different.
     Will i be interesting at buying a full size? Out of the question! It's a pass for me.

P.S: this review reflects my personal opinion, not influenced by anyone.
The result may be different for everyone.

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