mardi 27 mai 2014

Video - Review of the Bite Beauty Lip Mask

Hi Everyone!

     It's time to think at your lips and how to give them some love. Yes, using a lip balm on a regular basis makes a difference at keeping them soft, smooth and totally kissable, but like any area of your body, you can do more. The idea of a lip mask is great !

    Just like for your face, having various masks in order to bring something more to your lips, to treat them, hydrate them, heal them ... because i don't know for you, but for me, each year it seems that my lip balm which is my Saint Graal - Balea Face in Bergamot, suddenly is not enough anymore to fight the constant dryness and dehydration. It could be the perfect time for a lip mask.

    You won't find a lot of them out there ... frankly, barely any :-(
Few months ago, i bought the one from the brand Bite Beauty at Sephora and i am ready to give you my opinion on this tube! Have a good look at this video (you can find it on my Youtube chanel: for all your questions.


     As mentioned in my video, Tati from her chanel on Youtube, came up with a very interesting way to use this product, here's her suggestion ... be inspired as well:

    If you know an excellent lip balm and even better a REAL lip mask, please let us know, share your secret weapon for having amazing lips!!
    Thank you for following me.

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