mardi 20 mai 2014

Video / Body Scrubs of the Moment! (part 1)

Hi Everyone!

     I'm trying something new, mixing beauty products reviews posted only on this Blog and now others on video too on my chanels (! What a good way to start a comparison between few body scrubs existing.
      So many to test ... I decided to begin with these 2 different brands - The Body Shop and Sephora - eh, you have to start somewhere right?! I have no problem with scents (unless it's a disgusting one!!) on my skin, so no preference, and the skin of my body take gladly any kind of scrub, which is good. The only thing that matters to me is not having anything frutty/floraly or light and fresh when it's cold outside.


     From the huge range of body scrubs offered, i picked up the Olive Cream, a very light scent that won't disturb anyone (kind of neutral) and quite creamy with a fine grain, so it's a light scrub ... can be a friendly one for the scariest of you! The second one is the Chocomania, perfect for winter times thanks to the chocolate scent. Don't be afraid of it because, outside of the bathroon, you won't smell it onto your skin which is kind of sad somehow. The scent is freaking awesome!!! Not a creamy consistancy nore dry either and the grain is a bit coarse which allows you to get a better job.
     Between the two of them, i prefer the chocomania simply because my skin is much softer when it's done!! The amount of product is really good - 200ml/7.75oz - and the price is reasonable - CAD$20.00 too. 



   I picked up the Coconut Smoothing, a sweet creamy with fine grain body scrub and a coconut scent but nothing too strong. Like it for less warm temperatures! The second one is the Lagoon Smoothing with an even finer grain, less creamy and an extremely pleasant scent which reminds me of the monoi from Tahiti. It's more interesting to use when it's warmer ... for me at least!
     Between the two of them, i prefer the coconut simply because my skin is softer than the other one. The amount of product is not bad - 140ml/4.73oz - and the price is reasonable - CAD$12.50 too.

    The only real down side for me, is that Sephora (at least in Canada) doesn't offer a big range of body scrubs, how sad. So, i definitely appreciate the huge choice of The Body Shop and will pursue my quest there for more. I'll be able to tell you how it's working and especially, how strong the scent is since i know that it's an issue for some of you! But this isn't the only store where you can find some of those beauty products ... the door is open my friends!

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