mercredi 14 mai 2014

Review of the «Smoothing and Beautifying Concentrate Milk» from L'Occitane

Hi Everyone!

     Moisturizing your body to keep your skin happy is an every day job, finding a product that will deliver thy hydration can be difficult. Let's see today if this «Amande Firming and Smoothing Milk» from the L'Occitane can do the job.

What is it supposed to do for your skin?

  • nourishes + tones the skin
  • rich in almond oil and almond milk
  • without Parabens and Phthalates
  • skin is soft as satin

What do i think about it?

     This milk concentrate has a custard texture (weird right?!?), even the smell is a delicate vanilla custard, not too sugary. I'm guessing it's the result of the almond and the milk?! It's probably why this consistency will allow you to cover easily all your body because it glides very well onto the surface of the skin. This been said, what about the hydration? Well, i must say that it was ok, nothing too crazy!! It lasted almost an entire day. I know it's supposed to leave your skin as soft as satin and it's surprisingly true!
      You have one size offered at Sephora - 200ml/7oz -  at CAD$59.00  which places this product on an expensive side (same thing on the website of the brand - L'Occitane). I just don't see myself spending such an amount of money on something that won't last longer. I had a sample size - 6ml/0.2oz - to make up my mind, and it was enough for 2 applications. On the contrary of many other products, i think you are able to have quickly an opinion on a body cream (butter or lotion). 
      So, bottom lines, i liked that custardy smell when i applied it but the price makes all the difference for me. Not sure it's worth that much money for an average hydration. I'm sure i can find something out there with a bigger moisturizing effect and a really nice smell but for a much reasonable price! Obviously, pretty much like any other product for your body, your face and not forgetting any make-up item, results usually varies, that's why we are so different.
     Will i be interesting at buying a full size? Out of the question! It's unfortunately a pass for me.

P.S: this review reflects my personal opinion, not influenced by anyone.
The result may be different for everyone.

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