vendredi 2 mai 2014

Review of «LashBlastVolume» mascara from Covergirl

Hi Everyone,

    Time to talk again about mascaras my friends, and today we go visit a classic one from the drugstore.

      Probably the most loved and bought one from this brand - the «LashBlastVolume» from Covergirl - you know, the one in an orange tube.
        So, let's get straight to the point and see what can it do for our lashes:
  • instant volume and fullness
  • resists smudging
  • ultimate big lash look whatever the wheather

What do i think about it?

     This famous mascara from Covergirl exists in 3 different colours - Very Black / Black / Black Brown - and it is offered in regular and waterproof formula. This been said, i had tried both formulas, in black brown and black.

    For the first application, i hated the result on my lashes! Doesn't start very positive all that but they were clumped everytime, and unfortunately flakes existed from time to time. The formula is quite wet for me, allowing the clumping and making quite hard to build anything. Some length, no kind of volume and the final result is much closer from the spider look than the «vavavoum» that i love. You still might fall in love with this famous mascara and maybe this formula will react differently for your lashes?!
     Some people seem to be afraid of this plastic brush, i don't  but even if it's not a big gigantic brush, be super careful when you apply it and stay away from your eyelid otherwise you will end up with some morse code engraved on your skin!
     One positive thing with this waterproof formula, it stays put definitely all day long, so, yes, it resists to watery eye and a splash of water on your face. Can i take it off easily? Absolutely NO and i'm using face oils to remove my mascara, but it didn't make any difference in the world. I still have to work it out crazy to make sure nothing will be left behind!! I appreciate the idea of a waterproof formula but something as hard as rock on my lashes doesn't interest me.
     Ok, so what about the regular formula? It's a bit easier to get rid of it but still the same result: clumps, flakes ... spidery lashes.

      So, what are my final thoughts about this mascara (in case you didn't guess it yet!) ? I hated it, will i repurchase it ... NO way even with a small price of CAD$8.99 (+ tax)! As i already mentioned in previous mascara's reviews, i like the «vavavoum» effect for my lashes, that's what i'm looking for and i just can't get it from the «LashBlastVolume» mascara. 

(P.S: As always, this is my personal opinion about this 
product which wasn't influenced by anyone. Keep in mind that the 
result will vary on everyone, so you'll have to try to see what 
it does for yourself!)

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