mercredi 26 février 2014

To renew or not to renew - that's the question?!

Hi Everyone,

     I don't like being mean or rough on something but sometimes you don't have a choice to speak up a little bit, and use your voice when something's not fair!

     Like everytime, on television, it's time to a show to get to its season's finale. It's also time to decide whether a TV series will keep going for another round or if the Channel will decide to cancel it. «Almost Human» is close to its finale and i was (for once) curious to know when the 2nd season will be aired (the show is so good, can't wait!). What a shock for me to discover that this amazing new TV series may not survive - according to some out there?! 


     I know that those famous Readings (how many people followed a show at each scheduling on its channel) are a big thing for the different Channels, and especially for their bank account! I'm not a dummy ... but this time, i must say out loud how this is a stupid idea to take decisions based essentially on Readings.
     These past few months, probably more than ever before, the small screen has never offered us such a huge variety of shows for absolutely everyone! Which, somehow is great, especially if their quality is amazing but it could be also stupid and very stricky for many reasons such as: 

 - too many things to watch at the same time / 

 - having a recording device has its limits cause it can tape usually two shows programmed at the same timetable / 

 - unless you have three heads, three recorders and three TVs, and the only thing you do 24/7 is to watch everything aired .... you simply cannot have a life (or if you hibernate, that might do the trick!)

     People made their choice based on what to watch between the millions of shows offered. At some point, you really wonder if the Channels realize that obviously a bunch of these shows will never grow old ... because they can't get the attention (and the love) they need to become a hit. They create on purpose shows that are intended for dying ... tragically. To have a look at what's going on, what's new, keep following the good old ones, the good new ones ... it's just IMPOSSIBLE! So, thanks for making it so hard for us and to wash your hands of it!
You're going to say: that's Show Business, baby!!!  

     Well, let me set the record straight. I get that everything is just about the money at the end of the day! But do you think it's possible not to create and scheduled on your channel a show (or a genre of show) that frankly you don't usually support because it's Sci Fi, Original and/or Smart. 
I know that i'm speaking for myself (and yet, i know i'm not the only one!) but can we have, for once, something else than the eternal usual «S.C.I.» / «Law and Order» etc and let's not forgetting the vampires stuff that we have to bear over and over for too long now. Having a variety it's good, loving these shows it's fine (if you don't mind watching what is already happening around you everyday! ... except the vampires stuff!!) but what about the other shows? What about the ones that are a bit different (or completely)? It appears that if it's not a comedy ... the show has a pretty good chance of dying pretty much right away. Like i said before, there's right now too many good TV series on air the same day, at the same time ... what do you want beside a war? Do you know that inevitably there's gonna be some dead?!

     Quite frankly, we have to bear all the vampire things (i'm sorry to say but the best example is «Vampire Diaries») which offers a story as interesting as a girl who loves the vampire, who wants to save him from himself, who doesn't care of what he is, who finally will become just like him, and then oh! ... what an excitement change, another vampire's coming in, jealousy happened ... blablabla ... That kind of whatsoever story and TV series finds its place and stays on thanks to teenagers!?! How many shows do we have on TV about doctors, firefighters, lawyers, cops, special units etc ... how many more do you want?! Same thing here but thanks to the parents!!

      As i already raved about it, «Almost Human» is incredible! An original story line, takes place in a not so far future (so, some Sci Fi stuff going on, yeah!!!), amazing and talented actors, excellent sense of humour on an unexpected way and some good dark mysteries to keep us glued onto our small screen each week! What else can we need?!
     Some may think (and say) that it's too long before having answers about the secret terrorist attack on John Kennex at the beginning of the 1st episode. That we have to wait too long to go back to it and keep growing the mystery. That this nearby future seems to be too complicated (or complex to get) not enough info to understand how do they live. That we get a dark and mysterious episode and then the next ones are quite simple before having another dark one, and so on ... Some people don't get apparently the character of John Kennex, his behaviour or they don't get the sense of humour he got (seriously?!).
     To satisfy those people, does the story must be easy going? the mystery solved quickly? the way of living in this future exactly the same as today? so, the show'll becoming another simple, usual and regular insipid one, season after season, until the writers find a way to make it thrilling again but just for a while?! Is this how it's supposed to happen according to you?! For once that a TV series is intriguing, different, original, creative, using Sci Fi and an excellent humour... Juste because the angle of the story line is different, people don't get it and the channel wants to kill it because it's not making enough money! Boohoo!! What a pitty and shame on you!
We definitely don't have the same perspective on what is exciting and worthy on television.

     I'm still kind of surprised that shows like «Once Upon a Time» / «Revenge» / «Under the Dome» / «Lost» / «Haven» / «Fringe» survived! Don't get me wrong here, because i'm watching these ones (or did, for the older ones) but they're some kind of smart, elaborated, different, original TV series which requires to have a brain to appreciate it, to understand. Because you have to think about what you saw. It's not just only watching like a cow's watching the train go by! 
I'm also glad and frankly amazed that «Under the Dome» will have a 2nd season because this is a really weird one (but a good one!). Some may not even know the last two shows, maybe because they have (and had when it's about «Fringe») the chance to be aired on Channels that are willing to give birth to something different and will do what it takes to help them grow. Just like HBO does for instance!

     Bottom line, it is possible to find some really great, amazing, elaborated and strong TV series on the small screen. The problem is that the big Channels such as FOX / CBSNBC  or ABC are not willing to become like the other ones, taking risks and do a little bit of life support. They shouldn't come up with something that gives them itchiness. If you're not ready to see the value and the quality without the Readings, play fair and let the show have a life on another channel. Because don't forget that behind a TV series (or a show), there is a cast and a crew who's working passionately on it and giving a 100 % of themselves. It matters to them and it matters to some of us!
I'm sorry for mumbling like a cat on a freezy day but it had to be said!

     I know that i'm noone, a nobody on the planet but i wanna believe that the drop that i am in this vast ocean, may be the one who will make it overflow somehow for good. So, please, let «Almost Human» keep growing on television with another season. Let it keep shining from its creativity, keep thrilling from its mysterious future, keep us laughing, all together to get our little grey cells a chance of excitement as a squirrel on Fall! Thanks.

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