vendredi 21 février 2014

There's a Reason for Everything!

Hi Everyone !

      For the last 2 weeks, i started seriously thinking about what's the difference between «staying quiet» - «doing nothing» - «taking some time apart» - «keeping silent» and «champing at the bit». 
I finally got my answer: there's a reason for everything!

     You may have noticed that for the same periode of time, there's not much things posted on my Blog and no video on Youtube. The desire of filming make-up tutorials and few products reviews is here, i even planned a video with the 2013 Beauty Discoveries and another one on the 2013 Skincare Discoveries, unfortunately germs are kind of seriously crashing the party! 
     If it's not for having a close relationship with my bed thanks of a huge lack of energy, i transformed myself as an Orc thanks at a quick cold and a non-stop sneezing and obviously, blowing my nose all the time. I'm sure, you can imagine how i felt but i decided to stay positive. A cold never last more than 6 days usually, right ?!, so i waited patiently and it did, i have my Elf's face back again!  Yeah ... finally i can go back on a certain routine but the tiredness or the need to hibernate kept taking control of me, so ... nothing happened. The willingness is here! Ok, so another week went away. 
     Then, few days ago, a new development, i started to sound like an Orc! (i don't know if there's a secret message hiding behind all of this Orc thing?!?) As a positive person, i decided to shoot anyway, thinking it'll be somehow funny and memorable to watch. That was saturday but on sunday, everything changed... again! Changed how you gonna say? Is it possible to get worst? 3 times: YES!!!

     I got a serious Laryngitis, the kind that forbid you to have contacts with any human beings for a week (highly contagious), plus ... because it's not enough, if i want my vocal cord to get well again, i must have a close relationship with my bed, sleep, sleep, sleep. Anyway, i must rest as much as possible and above all: STAY SILENT! Right now, they're on mute, i can't speak anymore.
     Do you have any idea how difficult it is! Texting is nice but talking so much easier and faster. Writing is funny but after 5 min. boring. Talking out loud for myself (like everyone's doing ... i hope so?!) ... so forbidden too!!! Now, i'm an almost mute Elf. You have to admit that filming anything understandable became impossible for the moment.

      But i can hear some of you saying that's the videos part, what about the Blog itself?! You're right, i can't deny the non-productivity in this department. Beside the tiredness, the sleeping and working (because i have a job!) - i kind of have some difficulties to plan effectively a week of work in so many directions, to share equaly my time left in a day. Working on some blogs  requires  a lot of time, especially on movie reviews because it's not gonna be watched by itself my friends!! Ok, you probably gonna say that i'm a bit lazy, that i can do better. I did it until now, what's different?!
     Well remember in past January, we talked about the 2014 Resolutions List ... and the importance of taking one step at a time instead of going crazy everywhere at once and finally nowhere?!?! Well, i do what i preach (sometimes!). I decided to put this unexpected «in between» Orc time, in finishing my first novel, an exciting thriller which needs all my grey cells (because it's tricky to write a thriller!). For me, it's not only a resolution, it's to make a dream come true and nothing's more important than dreams!!

     So, what about this thinking process mentioned at the beginning? 
For you, my dear friends that i don't know yet (except few of you!), it looks like i'm doing nothing but for me, my grey cells and my little fingers are working crazy hard!! There's just gonna be a bit (or maybe more than just a bit) less of blog posts. For the videos, as soon as i get my Elf's voice back ... well i'll be back! So, i may give you more of PPJ (kind of easier for me) and for the next month and a half, i'll try to find more positive things to say about this endless winter! ;)

    After saying all that, you'll understand better now why i mentioned previously the famous proverb - There's a reason for everything - this unexpected Orcky phase happened to put me back on track with my novel: time to make it happen, baby!
So, don't go too far and thanks for following no matter what!!
See you very soon my friends.

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