dimanche 2 février 2014

A Cup of David's Tea? (part 13)

To all lovers of teas and herbals around the world ... but more in Canada and the United-States, i'm coming back with some new teas and herbals offered by the David's Tea (stores or online).
This is what i got at home.
     I'm gonna tell you what's inside the blends that i have and what i think about it. You'll decide if you wanna give it a try or not!!!
  • Citron Oolong: an Oolong tea with a mix of Jasmine flowers and Lemon myrtle. The smell is  a beautiful, light and fresh lemony delight ... when it's warm ... it's a sweet and soft blanket. I love it !   - Low Caffeine.
  • Cream of Earl Grey (organic): a black Tea with a mix of Cornflowers and natural Vanilla and Bergamot flavouring. The outcome : a delightful, sweet and light vanilla black tea, perfect with a cold weather. One of my favorite.  - Medium Caffeine.
  • Mango Madness: a White Bai Mu Dan tea with Apple pieces, Orange peel, Pineapple, Mango, Orange Slices, freeze dried Tangerine pieces, Safflower petals, freeze dried Strawberry pieces and Marigold blossom. If you like mango but you don't want something too tasty in your mouth, this is your tea. This blend - as long as you add the water at the perfect temperature - is very lightly fruity but so refreshing ! - Low Caffeine.
That's it for today.
     You'll have some more coming up soon!! In between, try to make some good to your body and dring a very good quality of teas.

Read Part.12 -here.
(Let me know if you've got something interesting for me to try!!)

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