jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Review of - KissMyFace / Natural Body Moisturizer

Hi Everyone!

     It is particularly the time of the year, if you don't want your skin to look like an 148 years old aligator from Nebraska, to take care of your natural barrier by moisturizing it!! :)

     I tried now for 7 months these body moisturizers from the brand KissMyFace (such a beautiful and inspiring name, lovely!!!). Why so long, you anxiously wonder?! Well ... i was waiting to put it to the test facing some - 40 Celsius before giving a proper opinion ... now, i can!

What do i think?

     I like the fact that the brand is completely natural, cruelty-free company, never testing on animals, paraben free, SLS free, phthalate free, gluten free ingredients and biodegradable. It's nice to treat yourself, sometimes, with some non chemicals stuff!! Your body will thank you!
     You work a little bit the product so the skin will absorb it completely - maybe very few short seconds more in the process, yes ... - but as soon as it's inside the skin (well, the first layers of the skin), you're as soft as a cute little cat can be!

     Your skin will stay soft on the touch and hydrated for few days (and like i said, the freaking cold temperatures + the heat doesn't change anything!) ... perfect. I frankly didn't see any difference between the two of them on my skin, it works the same. Under some warm and hot or humid temperatures (i did test it as well ...!), same thing and you don't have a sticky touch on the skin, it stays nicely soft.

      As much as the Vitamin A&E doesn't really have any fragrance, the Honey & Calendula smells nicely but lightly ... honey, for at least few hours ... divine (but don't worry, nothing annoying or too strong).

     The big bottle of 473ml (16.00oz) will last a very very long time and at a price range of C$12.00 ... it's worth it! You can choose between 9 different natural body moisturizers, so you should be able to find something to please yourself (and your nose!). You can easily find this brand online (obviously!) or at any natural stores, pharmacies or even at Walmart ...

     Is it worth the try? ... the Hell yes!!

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