lundi 9 décembre 2013

Review of - Kiehl's / Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Hi Everyone!

I really can't wait to talk to you about this product!!

     Once upon a time, after a «non-desired-acne-party-phase» on my face this summer (thank you so much hormones!!), i had to deal with some non desired and unpleasant scares and redness on the lower jaws (both sides) ... yeah!! So the quest to find something to help me cure this thing - you can imagine - is huge. If you have a pretty good effective corrective concealer, good for you (unfortunately, i don't) but it's only a mask anyway, and temporary. Isn't it more important to heal the problem?!

     Of course, few months ago, i started to use some new products in order to change and stop this illegal party (and i will talk some other time about all of them) but their purpose is not really to treat the dark spots/redness/scares left behind. I was determined to find something that will make my wish come true, even if i tried in the past (way way past!!) 1-2 items that didn't do anything for me in this area, i believed this time will be different!!
     So, a month ago, for different reasons, my path crossed a Kiehl's store in the city and a nice young woman sold me the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution bottle. 
     It's very interesting to know that the brand will reimburse your purchase if 4 weeks later you didn't get the result guaranteed (but it's a good way to make you spend money because you don't really get any sample to try!!).         Whatever! She told me to put all over a clean face - not only where it's needed - twice a day, after your toner (and before anything else) and to trust her ... it will make a huge difference!! I looked after some comments from users on the website, and pretty much everyone had results, so it was encouraging.

     Well, let me tell you that it's the first time, in this life, that i can see with my very own eyes, week after week, my skin changing drastically!!

Before the end of the 1st week, ½ of the dark spots were quite gone! 

Before the end of the 2nd week, my skin was even, brighter and 
another ¼ of dark spots left, OUT!

     Now, quite at the end of the 4th week, i never had such a beautiful skin base. It's completely even, definitely brighter than ever before (maybe when i was a cute little baby!?!) and i'm left with a small bunch of older and deeper dark spots and scars that will be gone one day. 
     Since, i started to use this product, my skin is always soft on the touched, smooth just like after an exfoliation (or when you use your Clarisonic) ... it's crazy but it's true.

     Don't think that it didn't work completely because i still got some, it's quite logical that the result will vary depending and the «how much you got to heal», the «how old they are» and the «how deep into the skin they are». I know it's a work in progress but ... what an amazing progress yet! I trully believe that i'll get rid of everything. I will make an update at the end of the 2nd month!

So, how much is this magical potion? 54.00$CAD
Isn't too expensive? i'm sure you can find way more expensive too! 

Is it worth the price? You'll definitely find something cheaper or i should say less expensive out there but this thing works on me like a charm! So, yeah ... i'll repurchase this baby when i'll heat the bottom of the bottle.

How long this small bottle will last? well, it will depend totally on how much you use - depending on how much do you have to heal and treat. For me, maybe 3 months, maybe less ... but once everything's gone, you obviously reduce the amount of drops that you put on your face (it's 3 for me now!). Then, it'll become just a maintenance.
Sometimes, it is worth to spend more ... of course if you've got amazing results too!!

     I definitely recommand anyone with the same kind of issues to try it out (don't forget that if it's not working, you get your money back!), that's how much i love this product - and never thought it will be possible?!! I LOVE IT!!

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