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New (or not) TV series - What to follow or skip!!

Hi Everyone!

     Instead of a movie, i will talk about few new TV series (or some not so new) worth to be watched. Obviously, these suggestions reflect my preferences, that's why i'll explain quickly - for each of them - the reason why i like or love them, so you can decide which one you'll gonna give a chance.

Almost Human (on FOX and GLOBALTV):

     This police drama takes place in 2048, where all cops have a robot as partner. The Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) survived a terrifying attack, after 17 months in a coma, with a synthetic leg, feeling quite unfitted in this future. He has to find a way to remember what happened, who betrayed him and how to work with a discontinued android - named Dorian - with unxexpected emotional responses.
     Sets in future with some new technologies, new way of living (not completely different from now but quite enough) which for me is right away a catch. The stories are well done, with an excellent sense of humour where you don't expect it at all (!!) and Karl Urban...! Not the first time i say how much talented this actor is, and with his character and the relationship created with his partner, it allows him to show us much more of what he's capable of! It's not just another police drama serie, there's a mystery behind this story line which will lead probably for a while. Besides, with J.J. Abrams (as executive producer) and J.H. Wyman who brought us the famous TV serie Fringe (as creator/executive producer) you can't go wrong!
 I clearly LOVE this new show!!

Witches of East End (on Lifetime):

     It's been a while since we've been offered a show about witches, and with this new show, it's all about it! Based on Melissa de la Cruz's best-selling novel, we follow the characters of Joanna Beauchamp, her two daughters, helping by her sister, trying to find who wants them dead.
     After the vampires madness, it's refreshing to watch something exciting, combining magic, curse and what it seems to be a «land» or a «kingdom» named Asgaard (to be more specific, it's gonna be necessary to wait for the next new episodes in 2014), where you can only find witches and wizards. Quite mysterious!! For me, it's right away a catch! At each episode, a secret's been revealed or a new mystery mixed up the game ... the story line is quite interesting and you wanna know what's going to happen next. If you fear to get bored, there's two male characters inside this show who won't disappoint you!!
I clearly LOVE this new show!!

Reign (on CTV and M3):

     The chronicles of the young Mary Queen of Scotland when she stayed at the court of the King of France, waiting for a possible alliance between the two kingdoms.
     Refreshing to watch something historical ... well, at least, close enough from what really happened. You have to keep in mind that this TV serie has been created for a youger audience, so the accuracy of the facts or clothing or «french architecture and castles» at this time, is quite swip away (most of the time, and i'm not even an expert!) but, it is still interesting to follow. A time where poisoning anyone was usual ... this girl hopes to be safe at the french court (safe from England or the Queen Catherine) but her everyday life is anything but peaceful.
It's a TV serie to watch for history (if you're not too fastidious!).

Ravenswood (on ABC Family and M3):

     The story of five young strangers are connected by the curse that has plagued the city of Ravenswood for generations.
     New TV serie created thanks to the success of Pretty Little Liars and in the same range of mystery. We have a story quite troubled ... or maybe a lot with ghosts, curses ... the thrill of watching something different, dark, scary where, at the end of each episode, you wanna know what's going to happen next, because the show has just started in Fall but there's more mysteries revealed than answers yet. I like it a lot, let's hope the creators can keep it up!

The Tomorrow People (on The CW and CTV):

     The story of several young people who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers.
     When you read the story line and start to watch the show, you're convinced it will be a little sister at the X-Men franchise ... and it could have been the case but unfortunately it's not as good as it could be! This new stage in human evolution allows (apparently) only 3 special powers (exciting ... and yet, quite boring because unlikely!). Obviously they must hide from a secret organisation which goal is to exploited and at the same time, annihilate their powers to make them «human» - or kill them eventually! I must say that i gave this new TV serie quite a shot but i'm really disappointed! A lot of things just doesn't make any sense ... like: this new generation CAN'T kill! The idea that the present human race can't stand the fact that some are now more evolved, so they prefer hunting them down and annihilate them, rather accepting this new stage and live side by side ... this is something that bugs me very badly! I know, it's the whole idea that i reject here but the way the story's been build in this TV serie it's desperately annoying ... so far from the X-Men franchise where everything make sense. You can really say that it looks like it but doesn't taste like it! It's a skip for me!

Game of Thrones (on HBO):

    Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.
      This isn't new (only for me) and it's already quite famous around the globe but maybe, there's somebody else on the planet who never give it a try ... and you definitely should!! Based on the famous novels, this saga catches all your attention right away. At every single episode you're stuck on your sofa, watching (like a little bird) and following with high interest these bloody fights for the throne. You'll find some magic, some dragons, some mysterious things happening everywhere ... quite frankly, it's impossible not to fall in love and passionate for this show! BE AWARE THAT IT'S NOT SUITABLE FOR  A YOUNGER AUDIENCE the story tells everything and most of all, show everything at a time where violence and nudity didn't have the same value - It's a must seen for everyone else!!

Betrayal (on ABC):

     The story begins with Sara - a young beautiful but unhappily married photographer - who begins a torrid affair with Jack - a lawyer for a powerful family in Chicago.
     This new TV serie's trailer promissed a lot, and at the first episode, you realized pretty quickly that the «betrayal» will be on many levels and between several people (if it's not everyone!). You see right away that Sara will be shot or something like that in some future episode (there's blood and the medic takes her to the hospital), you see that a man holds her hand ... so you wanna know what happened?! Not only you still have no idea, they're not even mentioning this event after the second episode, you realize that you follow a «simple» show about betrayals and a powerful and vindictive business man who's ready for anything to get what he wants! Well, i gave it a try but now (in 2014) i'll pass. It could have been better and, maybe later in the season it will be, so it's even more disappointing if it takes that long to become interesting! I don't like it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (on ABC and CTV):

     Following the different missions around the globe of the S.H.I.E.L.D.
     Quite a short description of what it is but if you've watched the Avengers, you know what this really secret organisation is about. Those missions are leading by the agent Phil Coulson - a character already in place in several Marvel movies such as Iron Man or Thor. Along this leader, a team of various members (scientists, network expert and experienced agents) make it happens each week. So, at first you expect finding something as thrilling as what you've seen yet on the big screen, full of kind of superheroes or people with extraordinary powers ... but i must say that even if i like it so far, the serie has some weakness in the quality of the content. Sometimes it's exciting and sometimes it's just so so ...! This new show is full of promises, let's see if it can really keep up (at least for me!).

Dracula (on NBC and GlobalTV):

     Dracula introduces himself as an american entrepreneur who wishes to bring modern science to the London Victorian's society, or so it seems. He actually wants to take revenge on a secret society which ruins his life centuries ago.
     I already said that i'm not a fan of anything about vampires but so far, the story line makes this «new Dracula» kind of interesting for me. I like that Van Helsing is working with the famous vampire to get revenge too on the same mysterious society. The whole story is told from a different angle, and that's why i think it's quite interesting to watch and riveting because you wanna know if he'll get what he wants, if Van Helsing won't betray him somehow (because it feel so weird to see him act this way with the vampire!) and you kind of expect that the love of his life - Mina - will be the one to find the cure to let Dracula be able to stand in the sunlight without burning hell!! For once, the vampire madness has find a way to be surprising and captivating!

Under the Dome (on CBS and CTV):

     One morning, a mysterious and invisible force field descends upon a small town, trapping inside all residents and cutting them off from the outside. It's up to the ones trapped inside to discover the secret purpose of this «dome» and its origins, while finding a way to be supportive and helpful to each other.
     You must admit that the story line is totally catchy but fortunately, each and every single episode is completely riveting and exciting surrounding this mystery. I like the idea behind what we could have seen yet, mixing with a powerful force coming from space or else but, apparently not Earth and a strange and exciting prophecy. It seems that everyone is trapped inside the dome for a specific reason?!? It's seriously impossible not to fall in love with this TV serie and knowing that the producer/writer brought us Lost ... well, expectations are high!

     Quite obviously, there are a lot more new TV series which came up this last Fall (2013), i'm just talking about what i decided to watch because, believe it or not, i have a life beside movies and TV series ... !! I already put quite enough time to watch a lot, even if i love my recorder! Time is everything, isn't it?!!

     I hope, this insight may help you for the new year to decide what to watch on the small screen (which is not that small anymore!!).

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