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Christmas Gifts Sets Ideas for her (part 3.1)

Hi Everyone!!

     After taking care of the lashes of your eyes to make you - or any loved one - look like a beautiful CAT ... (meow ...!!), it's time to bring something onto your lids: colors or light nude shades. And this subject will not be the same if i wouldn't include inside some primer for your eyes.

     Today, i'm gonna give you some suggestions-ideas of sets or kits to buy or to make proudly yourself via your favorite Drugstores brands and Sephora's stores (and website).
Once again, you gonna have to excuse me if you can't find some items where you live, some may be easier to find or may only be available in north america ... :( 

     Nevertheless, the idea of these Christmas suggestions gifts sets is to get inspired. You can obviously buy different brands and items ... it's up to you because most of the products here (or all of them) are my preferences or, they're favorites on Youtube (which usually means something!!).

Stop blablating, let's starting! This 3rd Christmas Gift Idea is all about eyeshadows and eye primer. Other ideas will follow for the next days!

  • «And there comes the colors!» Sets (Sephora):
        - Urban Decay / Naked Palette(s) = this famous palette offers12 different eyeshadows in a variety of browns and golds shades, mostly shimmery for 62.00$CAD.  Easy to wear to everyone, on daytime or on a night out. The brand has launched a Naked 2 and a Naked 3 has just heat the shelves!

      - Urban Decay / Naked Basics = 6 different neutral shades including 1 shimmery for 32.00$CAD. This is the perfect palette for those who likes to stay discrete and neutral on the eyelid, even you can come up with some few different looks!

     - Too Faced / A Few of my Favorite Things = not only this palette offers 20 different eyeshadows in neutrals but some bolder colors too and that's perfect for someone who liked to change looks and dare more. You'll find as well 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, a mascara and a lip balm, plus a guide with some looks is included as well as a nice little clutch. All of them represent some of the most loved shades or items of the brand. It's a real versatile palette for a small price of 64.00$CAD (instead of 496.00$CAD) ... what a catch!!

     - Too Faced / Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty = not only this palette offers 10 different eyeshadows with some beautiful colors, that's perfect for someone who likes to change looks and dare more. You'll find as well 1 blush, 2 bronzers, a primer for your eyes, a flat kabuki brush, plus a guide with multiple looks possible included. All of them represent some of the most loved shades or items of the brand. It's a versatile palette for a small price of 47.00$CAD (instead of 62.00$CAD) ... a catch!!

     - Lorac / Pro Palette = a really interesting palette offering 16 shades, half in matte and half with some shimmer, plus a mini eye primer. This gives you the choice of the effect because it's kind of difficult to find matte eyeshadows in a palette. The shades stay mostly in a range of neutral/cream but with some shimmery ones, it's possible to dare more. The price is 55.00$CAD, very reasonable.

Obviously, you gonna find more brands and more palettes available. 
I just picked up the most famous and used ones but it's always up to you!!

     Let's not forget the eye primer!! Why using some? First, if your eyelid crease easily, applying an eye primer will make all the difference in the world ... your eyeshadows will stay all day long! Then, a primer can help to enhance eyeshadows, so it could be a plus for some eyeshadows with less pigments.
You only use a tiny bit on each eye, so the product lasts a really long time! My Shadow Insurance from Too Faced is still on after more than a year!!!

This is the best on the shelves for the High-end:

   - Nars / Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base = this is the best one out there for a really greasy eyelid, the price is 29.00$CAD.

   - Urban Decay / Primer Potion Tube Original = everybody seems to swear by this one. The brand is offering now 3 more bases. The price is 24.00$CAD.

   - Too Faced / Shadow Insurance = an excellent product (i really love this one!) for many on the planet. The brand is offering as well 3 different bases. The price is 24.00$CAD.

Don't go too far, the Drugstores Christmas Gifts Set Idea for eyeshadows is right here!

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