dimanche 24 novembre 2013

Christmas Gifts Sets Ideas for everyone! (part 5)

Hi Everyone!!

     Today, we're still taking a break on the face make-up, after the beauty of your nails, time to think at your feet!! Not only it's important to have nice - soft and healthy feet (no need to keep  all of this dead skin on!), it looks much more beautiful than some cracked, dry ones. Taking care of your feet concerns everyone, at any age.

     Today, i'm gonna give you some suggestions-ideas of kits to make proudly yourself via your favorite Drugstores brands or else. The idea of these Christmas suggestions gifts sets is to get inspired.
Stop blablating, let's starting! This 5th Christmas Gift Idea is for your feet only (sounds like a James Bond, isn't it?!). Other ideas will follow for the next days (back on make-up)!

  • «Let's make them soft!» Set (Drugstores + Else):
      Once again, you gonna have to excuse me if you can't find a specific brand but in this area, frankly i think you can find your love with what you've got in your area on the planet!

    - First thing, buy a pumice stone or a foot file, this is the only tool that will, bath after bath, shower after shower, help you to get rid of the dead skin ... so this is the most important thing to buy in this set. You'll find this tool at any drugstore. The price may vary from 4.99 to 20.00$CAD depending on brands, materials ...
If you wanna go high-tech, you can find some electric ones too ... obviously on a higher price.!;)

     - Second thing that matters the most is to make sure that the foot cream contains some urea ingredient, the more % the better it is, and in second place, it'll be word of mouth to know what's really working on the shelves.

Here are some items you can buy:

     - Gold Bond / Therapeutic Foot Cream Triple Action Relief = around 6.99 and 9.99$CAD for 4oz.

     - Dr. Scholl's for her / Ultra Overnight Foot Cream = around 6.99 and 9.99$CAD

     - Eucerin dry skin / 10 % Urea Foot Cream = around 14.00$CAD

     - Lush / Lemony Flutter Foot Cream = around 17.00$CAD.

     - Then, you add some soft - warm and cute funny socks for home and/or bed. It's up to you to decide the budget you wanna invest but make sure that the material of the socks will allow the skin to breath (so maybe not synthetic!) like cotton or even bamboo. 

    So now, you have all the items to make an amazing but efficient Foot Set, for you or someone you love. Buy a super nice/cute/fun little bag (at any drugstore or even dollarstore) but big enough to put everything inside. Add a little note using your lovely handwriting (much personal that way!) and write down for instance: «Call me Soft and Beautiful!» or «MEOW!» ... This gift will bring some warm to any heart or i don't know!!!

     To give some love all year long - for a birthday - or now, at Christmas ... it's easy. You don't have to worry about the budget if you can't go pricy.
Now, go spend some ... LOVE.

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