dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Addicted to TV series?!

Hi Everyone !

     What a nice invention the DVD rentals or some providers of movies and TV series like Netflix!!
     No need to go crazy each week at watching, almost everyday, some of the «thousands» different TV series ... no more anxiety if you missed one episode! Of course, if you like one of them and you prefer waiting for the DVD season released (or that your entertainer provider offers it), knowing that you'll be completely shift from the actual season on TV ... it's up to you.
     From time to time, TV is capable of offering really good, different, creative, compelling and thrilling series.
     Nowadays, it can get more difficult to keep going and still having a life outside your TV's world. It seems that the possibility of falling in love with a new and original  TV serie is getting bigger each year. There's something for everyone.
     Yes, it's nice to watch an episode of a new season each week because it's so good but at some point, you really need to get real and cut off the list of your favorite TV shows. So, you kind of don't have a choice that at some point, you'll go find your entertainement through a more practical way. 
That's why the rentals are so convenient!
     Always heard good things about a particular TV serie?! Now, you can watch it whenever you want, over and over. Exciting, isn't it!!!
     Except that you can easily and seriously getting addicted on a serie, especially because you have, in your hands, each and every single one episode of a season. It's almost like being all by yourself inside a candy shop!!
     So, if the show that you decide to follow (or discover) has a following thriller story all season long, the only thing you wanna do, is to keep watching episode after episode. Even if it's crazy late at night (or should i say in the middle of the night) and that your eyelids are screaming you to go to bed, you gonna fight like hell to stay awake and push the button «Play» of your remote control. When the end credits are on, there's a feeling clinging on to you, completely out of hand, forcing you to keep watching. Why?! Easy: you wanna know, searching for some answers even if you know that the creators of the serie are gonna bring more questions.
     It's at this precise moment that you can define yourself as being an addict. Of course, if you prefer the TV series like «CSY New York» or «Law & Order», such thing will never happen simply because each episode have a different story (same idea though), so no addiction possible for you (... you're save!!).

     You gonna say that such thing can't happen because you're working, a familly ... it's physically impossible to watch an entire season (usually 5-6 discs) in few days!! Well ... depending or your schedule, mine can be very flexible ... so somehow, it doesn't help with this addiction. That's how i discovered very recently «Pretty Little Liars» and now, i know why everyone on Youtube are talking about it. When everyone or so can be guilty, be the BAD one ... you really wanna keep watching!

     I'm not coming with something new here, talking about rentals or entertaining providers such as Netflix, but i had to say a word to my fellow citizens of the world who might not have used these services yet. It exists, use it! Nothing's more exciting than discovering an entire season, one shot, in few short days instead of waiting 6 months to a year. It's a perfect way to give it a try to a new TV serie. You know sometimes it's the same for the movies: some are worth to be watched on big screen and others can wait the DVD release.

     Now, if you're afraid of starting a new addiction or, if you really don't bother for TV series ... nobody's perfect!! I assume mine and, frankly, there's worst in the world.

     So, if you're from time to time (just like me) or all the time a proud addict of TV series especially thanks to rentals or providers such as Netflix, i wanna know what are your favorites of the moment. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you don't forget that there's a life outside these stories, worth to be living!!

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