jeudi 5 septembre 2013

The precious - «Behind the Scenes»!

Hi Everyone!

     I don't know for you but when i watch (on rental) or buy a Blu-Ray (or a DVD), it's not only for the excitement of watching an amazing movie, it's for the «Behind the scenes» part as well, hidding inside the «Bonus/Extras» category of the disc.
     Usually, while i watch a movie, i don't question myself on the «How do they do that?». I just fill in my brain with the final result = pure pleasure! And then, i cross my fingers, hopping that the director agreed to reveal some tricks, to show how the magic happened. It's possible, sometimes, that there's nothing - it's unfortunate - but when these magic words are on the screen ... it's almost like Christmas in July!!
     Be curious and go watch this part of the film as well. First, it's rewarding for every single one crew member who worked passionately on it for weeks or months (don't forget: a movie it's not only the Actors and/or the Directors ... a tone of crewelves made it happened!). Second, it's instructive (you may even find your career).
     For instance, the «Behind the scenes» of «Oblivion» are amazing. You'll learn that they built almost everything themselves. The «Bubble Ship» is real ... well, unfortunately it can't fly ... yet but they made it! You'll discover that the stunning landscapes are mostly from Iceland ... yes! You'll see in which conditions they shot these scenes in places where no one goes. Do you think they shot above the clouds for the «Tech 49»?! No ... it was a fantastic and unusual way to do it ...
     «The Great and Wonderful Oz», once again a stunning behind the scenes to discover the magic of this story. «M.I - The Ghost Protocol» is another one to watch even if it's just for the climbing part of the tallest building in the world! Who knew they'd do it for real!! (well, on a secure way of course) and the list can go on and on and on ...
In every kind of movies, there's something interesting to learn.
     Next time you'll watch a film on Blu-Ray (or DVD), go lost yourself inside those «Behind the scenes» precious moments.
You're kind of afraid not to understand a word because it's always in English? Maybe but your eyes won't miss a bit of it!!!

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