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Sam Worthington - ActingBoardingPass/Fiche d'Acteur

     Sam Worthington, one of the new talented actors out there, takes his time to build his career on the big screen.

     Starting his acting career in Australia in his early twenties at the television first and then on the big screen, he got noticed in his country as of 2000. It's not before 2009 that his career took the direction of the international studios and Hollywood, making his first big print on the sand.

     We watched him in different kind of movies, but not yet a huge variation of characters ; some films were big at the box-office and others a lot less. Nevertheless, always true to his work, he doesn't seem to let the big «Hollywood machine» swallow him till death but rather takes his time and follow his heart.
     Let me try, not only to pass through some of his characters, but to show you what you may have missed from this actor.
 «Gettin' Square» - 2003 / Barry «Wattsy» Wirth

Freshly out of prison, his character will try his best to start over despite his past.
«Rogue»  - 2007 / Neil Kelly

     His character will have to face a pretty big man-eating crocodile in the Australian outback, amougst a group of tourists trapped.

«Terminator Salvation» - 2009 / Marcus Wright

Marcus Wright
     His character - kind of coming from the past, before Skynet - discovers the war between humans and the machines. Somehow, he'll help John Connor in this desperate fight for the human race.
Jake Sully - «Avatar»
    «Avatar» - 2009 / Jake Sully

         He portrayed a paraplegic Marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission. He'll be torn between following his orders and protecting this new world.

    «Clash of the Titans» - 2010 / Perseus
    Perseus - «Clash of the Titans»

         Perseus - in the loss of his family - will discover that he's a mortal son of Zeus. He'll helped the city of Argos in his fight to save themselves against the underworld and the Gods.
    «The Debt» - 2010 / Young David
    «The Debt» - yound David
         His character is a Mossad agent who crossed into East Berlin in 1965, along with two others, to apprehend a notorious Nazi war criminal.

    «Texas Killing Fields» - 2011 / Mike Souder
    Nick Cassidy - «Man on the Ledge»

         Mike Souder - an homicide detective, investigates a series of unsolved murders in the Texas City bayous.

    «Man on the Ledge» - 2012 / Nick Cassidy

         He portrayed a cop - wrongly accused of stealing one of the biggest diamond - who's trying to prove and convince everyone that he's innocent.

    «Wrath of the Titans» - 2012 / Perseus
    Perseus - «Wrath of the Titans»
         Perseus will safe his father - the God Zeus - captured by his son Ares and his brother Hades, and stop Cronos from coming back and destroying everything.

    The Performances:
         I haven't watched anything from Sam Worthington on the «bad-terrifying-despicable» or «i-want-to-kill-him-myself» category yet (maybe he did but can't put a hand on it!) and that's a shame because he will be great. As Mike Souder, you realize that, the character can be hateful, a stupid badass/bastard cop but with a real good side. It was a nice surprise when i discovered this character. Let's hope that in the future some dark side characters will be brought to him because he'll be excellent. Why? Because he has this ability to express the frightning quietness of a mysterious and charismatic individual.

         For pretty much all the different characters above, you'll feel the non-hero guy, even if he doesn't have a choice he'll do the job : Perseus or «Wattsy» for instance.
         Pay attention very well because you can see clearly, and that's where the subtle part lies, on his face or in his eyes the strength of his decision in his choices. When Perseus fight to death his brother Ares, he refused to resign to lose his son or any human being, even if he's not as strong and powerful as the God.
         Same as Nick Cassidy, you see the interior fight to choose between his innocence through the existence of the diamond or his brother's life, and then, he risks his own life to keep fighting for his innocence.
         His character in «Terminator Salvation» is quite unusual, his work is always in subtlety especially when he discovers who he became thanks to Skynet ... it's chilling. Or at the end, in his decision of giving his heart as a second chance for him (and John Connor). In my opinion, Sam Worthington delivered a better and stronger performance than Christian Bale.

          Sam plays his characters in softness, sometimes subtly, but always straight to the core and that's his strength. Expressing the right feeling or emotion subtly is not easy, you must keep mostly everything inside and only show a certain amount of it gradually or at a precise moment. His work always illustrates what the character is supposed to be. The actor disappears behind every single role.

    It's obvious that this actor hasn't show us all he can do ... so let's seat and keep watching!

    (End of Part 1 ... for now)

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