mercredi 25 septembre 2013

Review of the Rimmel London - Apocalips Lip Lacquers

Hi Everyone!

     Today, i'll talk about a gloss extra-well known in England and North America, a new product from the brand Rimmel London: the Apocalips Lip Lacquer.
     If you're searching for something super crazy pigmented on your lips with a lacquer effect ... don't look further, you have your wish!


     This gloss is quite something, so first thing first, if you don't like wearing bold colors on your lips, you may probably stay away from this one. On another hand, the Apocalips may bring you joy!!

     The shape of the applicator provides you a lot of product (if you want, you can swipe off the excess), quite enough to apply the color all over your lips, over and over ... So, you don't use a lot of it at the end.
From left to right:
100 Phenomenon / 201 Solstice / 101 Celestial / 400 Big Bang

400 Big Bang
201 Solstice
     It's true to say that the pigmentation is really crazy ... especially with the bolder ones (look at Big Bang ... miaou!!!).
101 Celestial
100 Phenomenon
     The pigmentation helps a lot the lip lacquers to stay a while on the lips but keep in mind something important: when you apply the product on your lips, try really the best you can to keep them away from anything from a little while! The reason is ... that's what it's gonna make the difference on the staying power. So, the Apocalips, this way, leave the color on the lips for maybe 2-3 hours. Not bad!!

     What about the «lacquer» effect, well it's gonna look like shinny but not like greasy and keep in mind that this effect will slowly disappear.
      Rimmel London offers different tints, enough to buy almost all of them. The price range for the quality and the quantity of the product is completely reasonable (+/- 11.00$ CAD).
Those Apocalips Lip Lacquers are totally worth it, so try them on!

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