jeudi 29 août 2013

How is your spirit?!

     It's been a little while now since the time to put some thoughts of our sweet little black sheep on screen, has been over passed. I don't know for you but it can happen to our charming mammal that tones of things are waiting to be told - shown - but the moment doesn't seem to be the right one. Or the desire and the will to go that deep, requires too much energy.
     It's not like a day with a weather so sad and borring like this one, no ... it's the beginning of an unfortunate season. When you're part of the sunny and warm one, like you make one with it, it's the complete opposite with the white and cold one.

     Yes, i know, according to any calendar year, there are 4 different seasons. Well ... where i live, only 2 .... if we've got something else, it'll last only few days at max.
     So, knowing that inexorably the very long and depressing one is slowly taken places, plus the fact that our adorable black sheep feels (many others on the planet as well!) the change of energies. The outcomes are not pleasant, quite annoying to process.
     The daily light keeps deminishing day after day, the temperatures start to decrease more and more ... the squirrels are everywhere ... but worst of all, it's been now 3 weeks that some impatients are already wearing jackets-trousers-sweaters and boots when it's not requested. Halloween stuff is out and if you look closer, some stores begin to talk about Christmas!!!
     Soon the floor will  be cover with leafs, it won't be possible to go out without a jacket, close shoes and scarf. Soon, the stores will put on shelves those ugly but water-resistant boots ... soon, some will leave home in the dark and go back ... still in the dark. Christmas songs will be played all along everywhere, the beautiful decorations will enchanted our minds ...
So?! That's a beautiful time of the year, very exciting .... yeah yeah !!
     Our little black sheep only sees the next 6 months (as of October) of crap and cold outside. It's probably not a good sign to anticipate the sadness of this period but that's why it's getting more difficult.
     Finding things that might help to stand these next long few months, anything to keep the mind of our poor black sheep intact. It's always the same dream of being capable of flying just like a bird and so leaving behind the cold-grey with too much white place, and spending some rewarding time on a beach, at sea ...
     But our black sheep is full of hope and knows, deep down inside, that a day not too far from now, the longest season on the East Coast of Canada will be old memories.

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