mardi 2 juillet 2013

Love nowadays (episode 1)

Hi Everyone!

     The heart is a very mysterious machine, helping us to stay alive and making us adored or lonely ... but maybe i should rather say that it's a matter of the mind?!
Who's the one responsable for being a serial womanizer - maneater, a monk, a serial lover, a careful liker, being single ... ? I think it's a mix of both of them, even if i know that some will highly disagree with me. The question is not whether i'm right or wrong but more what do i believe!
     The beginning of this century - and the end of the previous one before as well - put every single human being online when it comes to date someone (and frankly for everything else of our life). Apparently, meeting you're possible loved one in person, on real location, seems to be ... how can i say ... oh yeah outdated! Who said that?! Since when it's better or more efficient to find love online rather than experiencing right away a chemical reaction - good or bad - for someone else?! Isn't it the best way?
     Once again, this century keeps us busy with our things and since it's impossible to go out, have fun, and meet someone like the old old old days, the only solution seems to be: dating online.
     I think you've guessed by now that i'm not so much fond of this method. Impersonal, cold but most of all fake, it's beyond difficult for me to find anything nice to say about it. More than not having chance, it's wasting my time with a huge amount of men gaming. Maybe by creating a special website for those gamers who put their profile in every single category, or as soon as you start to exchange messages the first word coming out is «having sex» and even going until showing you their «precious» P ... and you wonder why some, like me, hate so much dating online.
     Is it possible for a man to be real, authentic, not hidding behind anyone's picture or their lost youth? Don't get me wrong, women wanna have, at the end, the same thing but they want and need to see first the human being - the real person behind the man gaming - some feelings or interests.
     The woman is known to react according to her feelings on the contrary of a man who will show his interest for sex and then later, agreed to show that he's human. Because let's be frank, you, men, have feelings just like everyone else. You like, dislike, hate, you have some fears and pains but because it's been said that a man can't express all that without being considered as a «girl», now more than ever before, we have to deal with highly experienced repressed jerks!! Thank you.
     You've watched those ads online, on TV and pretty much every where, claiming that more people are dating online, more people are finding their special loved one online etc. And because people are so easily convinced by any bull*%&$, they're going online and date, forcing pretty much everyone else to do the same because fishes are not available on the streets but apparently online. «What? you're hoping to meet a man out there?! Are you nuts?! Who's doing that? No, it's online, all the sexy single ones are online!!»
     Haven't you already heard that sh*%$ ?! I did and many times, usually from people who dated once or twice in their lifetime, when they were young, and stay with the same one ever since, even if it's not their loved one and that love is not here anymore. They keep very close to them what they've found instead of looking for the real one. The fear of being alone is real for everyone!
     The question is: what do you want? a nice puppy close by or your loved one because we all have one, somewhere, probably too busy to open their eyes or too scared to walk for a while alone. So they'd rather be with someone who make them feel something close to what's called «loved» or they stay with someone 20 years old younger than they are! Pathetic and desperate!!!     
     Youth only reminds you the feelings experienced once before, it's a reminder and nothing else, only smoke and mirrors!
     So, that's the deal that i'm doing with you all today. I'm gonna give it a try, one last time, put my profile on a date site and i will let you know what's going on. Maybe i'll be nicely surprised ?! but i highly doubt it. I'll let you know which website i chose because we agree to say that they're all different. If you wanna know if dating online is really THE place to find love nowadays, keep following me!
I'll be curious to hear from you about this subject. Give me your opinion.

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