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Keanu Reeves - ActingBoardingPass/Fiche d'Acteur (Part 1)

     Keanu Reeves, one of the most talented actor, owns a very long and impressive filmography but not quiet finished.
     His acting career started in his early twenties at the television but it's only 10 years later (or so) - in the '90s - that he's taken the direction of the studios and the big screen, and made his first print on the sand.

     We watched him in different kind of characters, different kind of movies ; some were huge at the box-office and others a lot less. Nevertheless, he's today as passioned as he was at the beginning and always true to his work.
     Let me try, not only to pass through some of his characters, but to show you what you may have missed from this man.

Some of the «sweet-young-innocent» characters:
His young and quiet innocent character is stuck in the middle of some high-stakes games of passion and betrayal from two rich and bored aristocrats in Rococo France.
  • «Dracula» from Bram Stoker - 1992 / Jonathan Harker
His character will be tragically change forever by Dracula and his fiancée, who'll fall for the vampire.
The Performances:
     Keanu depicted these characters the way it's supposed to be. Not only because he was young at this time (so a fresh face) but because he managed to show all the different stages his characters experienced inside the stories: innocence - jealousy - love - passion - a contained anger due to his rank in society - fear ...
All emotions and feelings are expressed with sensibility and tactfulness, no more no less. 

Some of the «action-tough cookie but good guy» characters:
His character - a young FBI agent - goes undercover to catch a gang of bank robbers who may be surfers.
He portrayed a cop, who's trying to prevent a bomb exploding aboard a city bus, by keeping a high speed inside Los Angeles, and at the same time, trying to catch the bomb maker.
John Constantine
John Constantine - an irreverent and supernatural detective who's dealing with the mystical - is a demon hunter, hoping that his good deeds may give him after all a place in heaven.

The Performances:
     Keanu playes at most ease any of those characters, you won't find anything wrong to say. As John Constantine, he keeps during the movie this kind of nausea for life and hate for hell. Doesn't care less for human being because he wants a place in heaven, he'll fight for the good. This character is close to be disliked for his selfishness. As Jack Traven or Johnny Utah, we can see his strength and conviction in justice, as well as his determination to catch the bad guy or to make things right and knowing when to let go for the goods. He's any simple regular guy outside who protect us, follow orders but step aside if necessary.

(End of Part 1)

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